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Mr Midas is new WTF host on GINX Esports TV

Ginx TV welcomes presenter and recording artist Mr Midas as the new host of WTF for 2020, starting this Friday.
Mr Midas is new WTF host on GINX Esports TV

Best known for hosting gaming show Games, Gadgets and Rhymes for GRM Daily, Mr Midas will host the second season of WTF on GINX Esports TV. 

Born in South London, Mr Midas has previously presented for 4Music and Kiss TV on Boom TV, before combining his passion for gaming and music on his GRM Daily show.  

He’s been in the gaming industry now for four years, securing sponsorships for Call Of Duty and FIFA 19 where he played England midfielder Jesse Lingard. He also presented an award at the BAFTA Games Awards 2019.

Mr Midas is new WTF host
Mr Midas is the new host for WTF on Ginx Esports TV

Mr Midas has also hosted numerous esports tournaments including District G’s The Play RePublic for Tekken 7 and Insomnia 64. 

If you’re wondering, Mr Midas cites Street Fighter II, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Final Fantasy VII among his favourite games ever – a healthy selection if we do say so.

Mr Midas will be guiding you through the biggest esports stories each week, offering his thoughts and calling out bullsh*t wherever it may grow in the next season of WTF.  

WTF Season 2 starts on Friday 17 January on GINX Esports TV.