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Can You Kill The Koi Fish In Grounded?

The Koi Fish is a deadly enemy that patrols the pond in Grounded, but can you kill it?
Can You Kill The Koi Fish In Grounded?
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

Not every enemy you face in Grounded will be a bug. In the pond biome, a large Koi Fish patrols the waters. This fish is an aggressive creature, too. If it sees you, it'll swim right over and kill you instantly. As you might have guessed, this fish is best avoided. 

But, as you need to explore the pond in search of the Pond Lab, among other goodies, this Koi Fish tends to get in the way. So, can you kill it and remove it from the equation entirely?

What Happens If You Attack The Koi Fish In Grounded?

Just a big fish in a little pond. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

Given the sheer size and power of the Koi Fish compared to the shrunken player, you're sadly unable to kill it. The Koi Fish will continue to exist in the pond even if you try to kill it. In fact, it's best not to try and attack it at all. 

The Koi Fish has two attacks, a quick and a slow biting attack. Both will kill you instantly. If you do manage to get a few hits in, the Koi Fish has a 10% chance to drop a Koi Fish scale, which can be used to craft some sturdy Koi Fish armor. But, there are easier ways to get hold of Koi Fish scales, such as collecting them from the Pond Lab and around the Sunken T-Rex. 

You can distract the Koi Fish, however, if it's getting in the way too much. To do so, you'll need to craft some Decoy Bait.

Decoy Bait Recipe

To craft Decoy Bait, you'll need the following materials:

  • Algae x5
  • Raw Tadpole Meat x1
  • Water Flea Meat x1

You can craft this by hand, so no need to run back to a Workbench. Throw the Decoy Bait to where you want the Koi Fish to go, and it'll be distracted for a period of time, allowing you to swim through the pong more safely. 

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