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How To Get Brittle Marble Shards In Grounded

Brittle Marble Shards are needed to make armor upgrades in Grounded, but where and how do you get them?
How To Get Brittle Marble Shards In Grounded
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

There's a huge amount of materials to find and use in Grounded. Some can be used right off the bat to create new and useful items, while others need to be analyzed and turned into something else before they can be of use. Brittle Marble Shards are an important material used to upgrade your armor and more, but they can be tricky to find

Where To Find Brittle Marble Shards In Grounded

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Be sure to search every chest you see. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Brittle Marble Shards can actually be founnd as you naturally explore. They can be found in chests scattered around the backyard, particularly when you're searching science and research areas. For example, a chest can be found in the tiny outpost when exploring the Hedge. In this area, you'll also find a SCA.B Flavor Scheme and an Ominent Lab Bed. 

These chests are your best bet at getting a decent supply of Brittle Marble Shards, especially in the early game. When exploring quest areas, such as the Hedge, these chests are in good supply, and more contain at least three Brittle Marble Shards.

You can also find Brittle Marble nodes throughout the world, which you can use Pebble Hammer on to harvest Brittle Marble shards from. Note that these resources do not respawn, so you'll only have a finite amount that you can harvest. 

What To Use Brittle Marble Shards For In Grounded

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Brittle Marble Shards and Brittle Quartzite Shards are key to upgrading your equipment. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Brittle Marble Shards can be used in a vareity of ways pertaining to armor. For example, you'll want to craft them into Brittle Plating, which can then be used to build a Smithing Station. This is where you'll be crafting your upgrades, so it's important to get one of these up and running as soon as you can. 

You'll also want to get your hands on Brittle Quartzite Shards, which can be turned into Brittle Whetstones and used to improve your weponry. These shards can also be found in chests around the backyard.