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How To Get Brittle Plating In Grounded

Brittle Plating is a key item for upgrading armor pieces in Grounded, but you'll need some important materials.
How To Get Brittle Plating In Grounded
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

Upgrading your armor in Grounded is incredibly important if you want to survive encounters with aggressive bugs. To improve each armor piece, you'll need a Workbench and some Brittle Plating. But, Brittle Plating doesn't just drop or appear across the backyard.

How To Craft Brittle Plating In Grounded

Brittle Plating is used to upgrade all sorts of armor pieces. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

There are actually two ways to craft Brittle Plating in Grounded. One makes use of a finite resource, while the other is locked behind one of the labs. The first method is one you'll be using during the early game, and you'll need the following:

You'll find Brittle Marble Shards as you explore, but only a limited amount. The second way to get Brittle Plating involves collecting the super chip from the Black Ant Lab. You likely won't be in this lab until you've made significant progress through the game, but the recipes unlocked from this super chip are worth it.

Once you've collected this super chip, head back to BURG.L and you'll be able to collect the recipe for Brittle Plating — Advanced Smithing: Brittle Upgrades. This recipe only requires the following:

Both Grub Hide and Sap are readily available resources, so you'll be able to craft all the Brittle Plating you could possible need with this recipe. The trouble is that you'll need to complete the Black Ant Hill Lab and defeat its bosses to get the chip. If you've just completed the Hedge Lab, we suggest that your next port of call should be the Pond Lab