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How To Get An Oven In Grounded

Here's how to get and use an Oven in Grounded.
How To Get An Oven In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment

Upgrading your tools and armor is incredibly important in Grounded. As you progress, you'll need to make your items stronger so you can stay alive against tougher enemies. Eventually, you'll need an Oven to craft better items. But how do you get one?

You’ll have to journey throughout a lab and find some unique resources to put together your Oven in Grounded, but it’s well worth it for this useful tool. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get your own Oven in Grounded so you can cook meals. 

How To Get Oven Recipe 

Getting an Oven in Grounded requires completing several steps, and isn’t an easy process. That said, it’s definitely worth it for the major upgrades that the Oven provides. You’ll have much more flexibility with upgrading your tools and other items once you get the Oven.

You’ll first need to get access to the BURG.L. This NPC lets you cook things and helps you out with food in general. To get the BURG.L, you can head to the lab underneath the Oak Tree; once it's active, you can soon start buying upgrades. 

Before being able to buy the upgrade you need to create the Oven, though, you’ll first need a Super Chip. The Super Chip is found in the Haze Lab. After completing the Haze Lab, you’ll immediately get the Super Chip.

Take the Super Chip back to the BURG.L. Now, you’ll be able to buy the special Advanced Production Building upgrade for 2500 Science. Buying the upgrade gives you the ability to craft the Oven using a Recipe. 

Oven Recipe

You’ll need three different items to craft this recipe. Here’s the recipe to create an Oven in Grounded:

  • 10 x Clay

  • 4 x Boiling Gland

  • 4 x EverChar Coal Chunk