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How To Unlock & Craft Repair Tool in Grounded

We explain how you can unlock and then craft a Repair Tool in Grounded to repair your structures.
How To Unlock & Craft Repair Tool in Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Once you start creating bases, maybe with a nice Grass Floor in Grounded, you'll also want to unlock and craft some Repair Tools. Don't worry, miniature survivors of the backyard, we've got you covered!

Join us as we explain first how you can unlock the Repair Tool in Grounded, then how you can craft it with the materials required, and then we come full circle, explaining how you can even repair the Repair Tool...

How To Unlock Repair Tool in Grounded

You will unlock the Repair Tool very early on in Grounded. The process of unlocking the recipe is simple: all you need to do is analyze Clay for the first time. An in-game description of the Repair Tool reads:

A small tool useful for repairing damaged structures. Totally useless as a weapon, though.

This is a one-handed item that players must equipt to use. 

Grounded Repair Tool: How To Craft & Materials

Grounded Repair Tool Unlock Craft Repair materials required crafting uses Clay
You can even repair the Repair Tool in Grounded, if you have some Red Ant Parts laying around. (Picture: Obsidian)

You don't even need a crafting station to create a Repair Tool in Grounded. Yes, you can craft it with your hands, and it doesn't cost too much in terms of materials. The materials required are:

  • x3 Crude Rope
  • x2 Red Ant Part
  • x4 Clay

Once you've successfully crafted one, you can repair pieces of your base, utility items such as a crafting bench or an oven, and even decor. Just equip the Repair Tool and start hitting the object you wish to repair.

Repairing the Repair Tool in Grounded

You will notice your items, including a Repair Tool, get damaged over time and with use. To repair your Repair Tool in Grounded or any other item that can get damaged, simply select the item from your inventory and then press the corresponding Repair button. On PC, for example, it is the R key by default. The repair cost is x2 Red Ant Part. 

The same method can be used with any other items, such as armor and weapons, that you might acquire through your journey. Remember, each item has its own material cost to repair, so be on the lookout for the materials you require.

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