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How To Get Sour Katanga In Grounded

We explain how you can get/craft the Sour Katanga in Grounded's New Game Plus mode, the materials required, and the weapon's stats and effects.
How To Get Sour Katanga In Grounded
Obsidian Entertainment / Microsoft

Attention, miniature adventurers! If you are jumping into the backyard of Grounded for the first time, or if you are a veteran player enjoying the Fully Yoked update, you might want to learn how you can unlock or craft the Sour Katanga, a powerful new weapon.

We'll explain how all Grounded players can get the Sour Katanga alongside the weapon's effects and stats, so let's jump in!

How To Unlock & Get Sour Katanga in Grounded

Grounded Sour Katanga how to get unlock craft new game plus mode damage effect stats
The brand-new Sour Katanga in Grounded's New Game Plus mode! (Picture: PrestOhNo via Grounded Fandom)

The Sour Katanga in Grounded is an exclusive New Game Plus (NG+) weapon that players can discover. Therefore, to unlock the Sour Katanga, you must first unlock NG+ mode by completing the following requirements.

  • Defeat Broodmother
  • Defeat Mantis
  • Beat the Wasp Queen
  • Complete the Javamatic event/fight

The Sour Katanga is likely a crafted weapon. If this is the case, we will update this section with the materials required to craft one of these powerful new Grounded weapons, so stay tuned!

To augment a weapon with Sour damage at levels 8 and 9, you will need some Sour Jewel crafting materials and use the smithing station. 

Grounded Sour Katanga Stats & Effects

First off, an in-game description of the Sour Katanga in Grounded reads:

Smite foes with a finely crafted and tangy blade. A tantalizing katana made of tempered sour candy.

The Sour Katanga deals Slashing damage. It is, of course, a two-handed sword melee weapon that also deals Sour damage. At the time of writing, precise stats are not available, but we will update you as soon as we know more.

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