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Where To Find Acid Glands In Grounded

Acid Glands are a useful crafting material that you'll need to make certain pieces of armor, but where do you get them from?
Where To Find Acid Glands In Grounded
Obsidian, Alexandra Hobbs

If you see it, you can probably use it. That's the general rule when it comes to materials in Grounded. Useful items require all sorts of strange resources to craft, and it's not always obvious where you get them from. Acid Glands are one such example, used to craft armor like the Red Ant Arm Guards. 

From the name alone, you've likely worked out the Acid Glands come from some type of insect. But which one?

How To Get Acid Glands In Grounded

66153f61888d1-Grounded 09_04_2024 11_57_00.png
Get use to fighting Larva. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Acid Glands can be harvested from some of the aggressive bugs in the backyard, such as Larva. These gross little creatures can be found all over, though a concentration of them can be found near the Hedge biome. 

Acid Glands aren't a guaranteed drop from Larva, so you might need to hunt down a few before you get what you need. Luckily, where there's one Larva, there's usually a few.

What Are Acid Glands Used For In Grounded?

66153f5dc722e-Grounded 09_04_2024 14_11_22.png
Acid Glands are useful if you're looking to craft Bug Rubber. (Picture: Obsidian, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

While Acid Glands won't be the most versatile material you'll find, what they're used for can give you a significant boost when you're exploring. Acid Glands are used as crafting components in the following:

  • Red Ant Arm Guards
  • Larva Blade
  • Bug Rubber
  • Astonishing Acid
  • Cooking

That's all for Acid Glands in Grounded. Be sure to check out our other guides, such as where to find Brittle Marble Shards.