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Where Is The Infected Broodmother In Grounded?

The Infected Broodmother is one of Grounded's toughest boss fights. If you're going to look for her, make sure you go prepared.
Where Is The Infected Broodmother In Grounded?
Obsidian Entertainment

The spiders in Grounded are no joke. Aside from being creepy as hell, they're often some of the game's toughest enemies. From the small Orb Weaver Jr. that plagues your early game, to the monsterous Broodmother, get ready to contend with plenty of these eight-legged beasties. 

If you like a challenge, however, then you'll be looking to take on one of Grounded's toughest boss fights — the Infected Broodmother. 

Infected Broodmother Location In Grounded

Good luck. You're going to need it. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

The Infected Broodmother is a stronger variant of the Broodmother boss. While the regular Broodmother is found in the Hedge biome, the Infected version is actually located in the Haze. The good news is that you'll have to go out of your way to find her, so don't worry about accidentally walking into her jaws as you go about your business.

In the Haze biome, you'll be looking for the spider cave (lovely). This is found in the trench underneath a stepping stone, found near the garden lamp. To open up this entrance, you'll need to have closed the Haze Cannister with a Gum Nugget.

You'll also need a special item to summon the Infected Broodmother, the Moldy Hoagie. The recipe for this can be obtained by reading the Moldy Note in the Mysterious Lab.

It's important that you've made as many preparations going into this fight as possible. Not only will it be extremely difficult, but once the fight starts all the exits will be blocked and you'll be unable to leave the arena. 

What Does The Infected Broodmother Drop In Grounded?

Given that the Infected Broodmother is arguably a player's biggest challenge in Grounded, there's a lot that you stand to gain from taking her on — if you're lucky, that is. Here's every possible drop, and it's chance of dropping:

  • Infected Chunk - 100% chance
  • Infected Chunk x2 - 75% chance
  • Infected Chunk x17 - 1% chance
  • Infected Fang - 100% chance
  • Infected Fang x2 - 1% chance
  • Infected Venom - 100% chance
  • Infected Venom x3 - 1% chance
  • Infected Broodmother Trinket - 1% chance

The Infected Chunk, Fang, and Venom all have a chance to drop multiple amounts, though the chance for that varies. Regardless, you'll always get at least one of each of those three materials.