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Where Is The Black Ant Lab In Grounded?

Here's how to find and get to the Black Ant Lab in Grounded.
Where Is The Black Ant Lab In Grounded?
Obsidian Entertainment

There are various different Labs in Grounded, with each one having a different theme, different resources, and more. Finding the Black Ant Lab is your ticket to advancing further through the game. Thankfully, there are multiple different ways to access the Black Ant Lab. 

Black Ant Lab Location In Grounded

black ant hill lab
The Black Ant Hill Lab entrance is found near the Trash Heap. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

The Black Ant Lab in Grounded is located in the southwest of the map, and there are actually two different entrances. We’ll call these the Trash Heap Entrance and the Sandbox entrance, since those are the landmarks that denote each one. The Trash Heap entrance is easier to traverse and doesn’t require as much difficult platforming, but it has more enemies. So, if you prefer platforming, take the Sandbox, but if you’re willing to take down a few opponents, go with the Trash Heap entrance. 

Trash Heap Entrance

To get to the Trash Heap entrance, head to the sandbox’s lower edge and toward the TV. Once you get right in front of the TV, you should notice a little entrance under it; this will need to a path filled with enemies. Follow it until you drop down, and then you’ll find the Lab after you keep walking a bit.

Sandbox Entrance

The Sandbox entrance requires you to find the picnic table and climb up it. Go to the shovel north of the sandbox, then destroy the rock at the bottom using a bomb. This will let you walk up and on to the edge of the sandbox. Keep walking along its edge until you get to an anthill, which is where you’ll want to drop down. Just make sure you don’t drop onto the hot sand! 

Run inside the tunnel and keep going until you spot a spot to the left. Head through this tunnel and you’ll end up at the Black Ant Lab!