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GTA 6 trailer may arrive soon, hints voice actor

Dave Jackson, who claimed to be a voice actor for a character in GTA 6, has now hinted at the arrival of a new trailer that might release soon.
GTA 6 trailer may arrive soon, hints voice actor

Players are always excited to hear any sort of news about GTA 6, and as per the rumours, it might release in 2023. Recently, the heat picked up again as Dave Jackson, a voice actor, claimed that he is providing voice over for a character named Captain McClaine in GTA, although there is no official source to support this claim. 

Recently, Dave Jackson posted on Facebook that a new trailer will be coming soon. "I will say this; the producers said I could spread the word, and there will be a new trailer soon!" the voice actor claimed. 


While there is no mention of GTA 6 in the post, it is worth noting that Dave Jackson didn't deny the fact that the trailer might be for GTA 6. This is evident from his reply when a user asked him whether the trailer will be for GTA 6. 

Dave Jackson said that he doesn't know whether it will be for GTA 6 or another episode of GTA 5. It means that the trailer can also be regarding the GTA 5 Enhanced Edition that is scheduled to release on 11th November.

GTA 6 new trailer might release soon
Dave Jackson doesn't know whether the trailer will be for GTA 6 or not. (Picture: Facebook)

However, there is no evidence available at the moment to support his claims, so will just have to wait patiently as no specific window has been provided by him. 


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