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How GTA Online's next-gen Career Builder works

The new Grand Theft Auto drop allows players a fresh start, here's how GTA Online's next-gen Career Builder works.
How GTA Online's next-gen Career Builder works

It was a long time coming as fans waited patiently for the new era of Grand Theft Auto titles. GTA V and GTA Online were released all the way back in 2013, with many updates and expansions keeping the title fresh since then.

Though Rockstar Games likely didn't predict the release of next-gen consoles in the middle of the title's lifecycle, meaning further tweaks were required. After multiple delays pushed the official release back over a year, GTA V players will finally be able to play the next-gen version of the title.

And while this is all exciting news, much uncertainty still surrounds progress made in GTA and what will transfer over to the next-gen version. Many players will want a fresh start, so here's how GTA Online's next-gen Career Builder works.

GTA Online next-gen Career Builder explained

GTA Online next-gen
The next-gen version of GTA Online is the best yet from Rockstar. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

While GTA V next-gen is not yet live, there is a pre-load period for players who want to jump into the action as soon as possible. GTA 5 and GTA Online next-gen will officially release beginning 15th March 2022.

And while it's been made a possibility for players to transfer progress from consoles to the new next-gen version, some GTA players will be looking for a fresh start. Enter the GTA Online next-gen Career Builder, allowing players to bypass some of the early-game grinds en route to a whole new character.

Career Builder is a feature designed to give new players, or players interested in starting over, a head-start in San Andreas. Players will be gifted a company property, vehicle, $4,000,000 GTA money, and a weapon to begin their criminal journey.

Do note, choosing one of the four careers (Executive, Gun Smuggler, Night Club Owner, or Biker) will provide a corporate property as well as a variety of missions for players to complete and earn more in-game rewards.

GTA V next-gen
Players will be gifted a corporate property upon restarting with the Career Builder. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar Games.