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Game Pass Halo Invitational: Schedule, how to watch, teams, more

Game Pass Has PC Games will bring together some of the world's biggest content creators for a Halo Infinite tournament.
Game Pass Halo Invitational: Schedule, how to watch, teams, more

Halo Infinite multiplayer has been a hit despite its slow progression system and steep cosmetic prices. With its tight and precise gunplay and well carved out maps, Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer has the potential to be the big multiplayer title.

As such, it's no surprise that Halo is returning with gusto to esports, with HCS revealing the 21/22 esports schedule and roadmap for Halo Infinite. But before that commences, there is another Halo Infinite tournament happening very soon.

One of the leading tournament platforms, Boom TV, is hosting a Halo Infinite multiplayer event featuring some of the most notable streamers from across the globe. It's the inaugural Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational event with a pool prize of $50,000. 

Given how immersive every Halo Infinite multiplayer match can be, fans may not want to miss out on this upcoming event, especially with some of their favourite streamers battling it out against each other. With that said, here's when and how to watch it.

When and how to watch the Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational Halo Infinite tournament

Halo Infinite Game Pass Invitational
This Halo Infinite tournament boasts a pool prize of $50,000. (Picture: Xbox)

The 4v4 Halo Infinite Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational kicks off on 3rd December at 12 pm PST and runs till 8 pm PST. Fans can catch the action either on BOOM TV's official website or BOOM TV's official Twitch channel.

As mentioned before, the Halo Infinite Game Pass Has PC Games Invitational feature some notable streamers as the captains of the sixteen team participating in the event. The ones that stand out are Dr Disrespect, Summit1g, Autumn, Zlaner, Hitch and Gigz. 

Halo infinite invitational teams
Some of the notable streamers part of the event. (Picture: BoomTV/Twitter)

This isn't the only Halo Infinite tournament planned from Game Pass Has PC Games. Another one hosted by Smash.gg kicks off on 11th December and runs till 12th December with the grand prize including an all-expense-paid trip to the first HCS live event in Raleigh, North Carolina, taking place from 17th December to 19th December. Suffice it to say, these are just some of the first Halo esports tournaments on the way. With Halo Infinite's grand release approaching fastly, it is safe to assume that the Halo fever is just beginning.


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.