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Halo Infinite update fixes achievement progress and connection issues

The latest update has arrived for Halo Infinite's campaign that improved the Quick Resume feature and fixes Achievements unlock issues.
Halo Infinite update fixes achievement progress and connection issues

343 Industries has addressed some of the frequently encountered issues in Halo Infinite that were affecting the multiplayer and campaign since its launch. These issues included achievement unlocks, MJOLNIR Armor Box customisations and the Quick Resume feature.

We take a look at the latest update that has been rolled out for Halo Infinite’s campaign and its estimated file size for installation.

343 Industries rolled out new Halo Infinite update

Last week, a huge number of players were unable to unlock various achievements as well as unlock rewards and cosmetics in Halo Infinite’s campaign. These campaign rewards and cosmetics were reportedly missing from their multiplayer inventories thus unable to receive or use the cosmetics.

343 Industries released a much-needed update for Halo Infinite aimed at resolving many problems plaguing both campaign and multiplayer offerings. The update is around 1GB in size and as such, you will need to shut down the game and relaunch it for the update to take effect.

According to the patch notes, one of the biggest features that were resolved in the update is the Quick Resume functionality for the game. Additionally, you will be able to “properly unlock” achievements and cosmetics tied to the game’s campaign that were previously bugged. The full patch notes are available from the Halo Waypoint support page.

halo infinite halo infinite campaign update halo infinite campaign update connection issues
The Quick Resume functionality received a much-needed fix in the latest update. (Picture: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios)

The update also resolved to improve online service connectivity after players re-enter Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X/S. The developer states that the update should speed up and stabilise reconnection.

For Halo Infinite’s campaign, all repairs and updates made to the MJOLNIR Armor Box are now consistently unlocked in the multiplayer customisation menu. This includes players who had their internet connection disconnected or those who previously used the Quick Resume on the Xbox Series X/S.

halo infinite halo infinite campaign update halo infinite campaign update achievement progress
The latest Halo Infinite update resolved many of the known issues affecting the campaign's Achievements. (Picture: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios)

Additionally, there was a performance fix included in the update where achievements no longer track progress towards completion, rather unlock when conditions are met. Anyone who unlocks an achievement before the update should consider the achievement completed after the installation is complete.

If you are jumping into Halo Infinite for the first time, this update will increase the download size for Halo Infinite. Installing just the multiplayer will increase the file size to about 26.54 GB while both the multiplayer and campaign file size is now roughly 48.4 GB.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios.