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Hearthstone The Maw And Disorder Mini-Set - All New Cards & Release Schedule

The Hearthstone Maw and Disorder mini-set is right around the corner! Here are all the new cards and the release schedule!
Hearthstone The Maw And Disorder Mini-Set - All New Cards & Release Schedule

Murder at Castle Nathria has been an incredibly fun expansion so far. Whether you enjoy playing Ramp Druid, Token Druid, or Big Minion Druid, Druidstone is certainly the most fun it has been in years. 

All jokes aside, thanks to the recent nerfs to Druid and Mage, there has been a shift towards Hunter, Priest, Rogue, and even Demon Hunter decks in the meta.

So, with the Maw and Disorder mini-set introducing 35 new cards into the world of Hearthstone, who knows what the future holds?

Will these new cards bring to life a completely new deck archetype? Or will they only bolster Beast Hunter into the tier-0 deck it always strove to be? Let's find out!

All New Cards in Hearthstone Maw and Disorder Mini-Set

There are a total of 35 new cards coming in the Maw and Disorder mini-set. These consist of:

  • 4 Legendary cards
  • 1 Epic card
  • 14 Rare cards
  • 16 Common cards

The new cards can all be found in the same Murder at Castle Nathria card packs.

Alternatively, the entire 66-card mini-set (two copies of each card excluding Legendary cards) can be bought outright for $69.99 or 7000 Runestones.

Hearthstone Maw and Disorder Card Reveal Schedule

New cards will be released for the Maw and Disorder mini-set periodically. As usual, both Blizzard and several Twitch streamers or YouTube content creators will be revealing key cards on certain days.

Here is a tentative schedule of the release dates and times. 

  • September 22
    • 11 am PDT / 6 pm GMT – Legendary Reveal
    • 12 pm PDT / 7 pm GMT – Legendary Reveal
    • 1 pm PDT / 8 pm GMT – Neutral Reveal
  • September 23
    • 10 am PDT / 5 pm GMT – Legendary Reveal
    • 11 am PDT / 6 pm GMT – Priest Class Reveal
    • 12 pm PDT / 7 pm GMT – Warlock Class Reveal
    • 1 pm PDT / 8 pm GMT – Rogue Class Reveal
  • September 24
    • 10 am PDT / 5 pm GMT – Legendary Reveal
    • 11 am PDT / 6 pm GMT – Hunter Class Reveal
    • 12 pm PDT / 7 pm GMT – Paladin Class Reveal
    • 1 pm PDT / 8 pm GMT – Warrior Class Reveal
  • September 25
    • 10 am PDT / 5 pm GMT – Demon Hunter Class Reveal
    • 11 am PDT / 6 pm GMT – Druid Class Reveal
    • 12 pm PDT / 7 pm GMT – Mage Class Reveal
    • 1 pm PDT / 8 pm GMT – Shaman Class Reveal
  • September 26
    • All day, starting at 6 am PDT/ 1 pm GMT - Mercenaries Community Discord Reveals
    • 7 am PDT / 2 pm GMT – Mercenaries Community Youtube Reveal
    • 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT – Mercenaries Community Twitter Reveal
    • 3 pm PDT / 10 pm GMT – Patch Notes
  • September 27
    • Patch Launch!

Hearthstone The Maw and Disorder Card List

Here is the full list of all cards revealed so far for the Maw and Disorder mini-set.

Demon Hunter

Prosecutor Mel'tranix
"Prosecutor Mel'tranix" Legendary Demon Hunter Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
All fel breaks loose
"All Fel Breaks Loose" Common Demon Hunter Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
sightless magistrate
"Sightless Magistrate" Common Demon Hunter Minion (Picture: Blizzard)


Dew Process
"Dew Process" Rare Druid Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
incarceration hearthstone
"Incarceration" Rare Druid Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Attorney-at-Maw Common Druid Minion (Picture: Blizzard)


Defense attorney nathanos
"Defense Attorney Nathanos" Legendary Hunter Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
"Shadehound" Rare Hunter Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Motion denied hearthstone
"Motion Denied" Common Hunter Spell


Life sentence
"Life Sentence" Rare Mage Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Objection hearthstone
"Objection" Rare Mage Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Contract Conjurer
"Contract Conjurer" Common Mage Minion (Picture: Blizzard)


Class Action Lawyer
"Class Action Lawyer" Rare Paladin Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Order in the court hearthstone
"Order in the Court" Rare Paladin Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Jury duty hearthstone
"Jury Duty" Common Paladin Spell (Picture: Blizzard)


Theft Accusation
"Theft Accusation" Rare Priest Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Incriminating Psychic
"Incriminating Psychic" Common Priest Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Clear Conscience Hearthstone
"Clear Conscience" Common Priest Spell (Picture: Blizzard)


Murder Accusation Hearthstone
"Murder Accusation" Common Rogue Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
Scribbling Stenographer
"Scribbling Stenographer" Rare Rogue Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Perjury Hearthstone
"Perjury" Common Rogue Spell (Picture: Blizzard)


Totemic Evidence Hearthstone
"Totemic Evidence" Common Shaman Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
"Framester" Rare Shaman Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Torghast Custodian
"Torghast Custodian" Rare Shaman Minion (Picture: Blizzard)


Habeas Corpses
"Habeas Corpses" Rare Warlock Spell (Picture: Blizzard)
"Imp-oster" Common Warlock Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Arson Accusation
"Arson Accusation" Common Warlock Spell (Picture: Blizzard)


Weapons Expert
"Weapons Expert" Rare Warrior Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Mawsworn Bailiff
"Mawsworn Bailiff" Common Warrior Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Call to the Stand
"Call to the Stand" Common Warrior Spell (Picture: Blizzard)


Sylvanas, the Accused
"Sylvanas, the Accused" Legendary Neutral Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
The Jailer Hearthstone
"The Jailer" Legendary Neutral Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Tight-Lipped Witness
"Tight-Lipped Witness" Epic Neutral Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Afterlife Attendant Hearthstone
"Afterlife Attendant" Rare Neutral Minion (Picture: Blizzard)
Soul Seeker Hearthstone
"Soul Seeker" Common Neutral Minion

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.