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Icarus Week One content update: 3 new missions, 2 new workshop items, more

The first Icarus update brings not only a handful of new content but also numerous improvements and bug fixes.
Icarus Week One content update: 3 new missions, 2 new workshop items, more
Survival sci-fi game Icarus had a big, but bumpy opening weekend due to optimisation issues and some other technical problems. Luckily, developers were hard at work over the last seven days and we now have a first big update with a slew of new content and bug fixes.

Icarus Week One content update was released today, 10th December, after a few hours of server maintenance, and among other things, it addresses one of the bigger complaints - a number of available missions at launch - which some considered to be too small. The update comes with three new missions with new goals to diversify the gameplay.

Players will be tasked to extract valuable tech, supply crucial rare resources, and eliminate some particularly deadly predators. These three new missions are Fire Walk: Delivery, Wet Work: Extermination And Solid Metal: Stockpile.

Icarus Week One content update: 3 new missions, 2 new workshop items, more
The Fire Walk: Delivery mission will task players with retrieving prototype Inaris bio-flechettes. (Picture: RocketWerkz)

Asides from new missions, there are also two new Workshop items from MXC, the MXC Hammer and MXC Campfire, as well as a new tech tree item, the Leather Backpack, which will grant you more inventory slots and increase weight carry capacity. When it comes to balancing, the frequency of gold spawns has been increased, as well as meta deposit quantities on harder missions.

Other improvements include Offline mode fixes, player icons and in-world markers improvements, numerous mission objective fixes, and graphic optimizations.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Icarus Version: 1.1 Full Patch Notes

Icarus Week One content update: 3 new missions, 2 new workshop items, more
The Solid Metal: Stockpile mission will have you delivering materials for orbital development. (Picture: RocketWerkz)
  • Added two new workshop items, the MXC Hammer, and the MXC Campfire.
  • Increased frequency of gold spawns.
  • Increased meta deposit quantities on harder missions.
  • Added in-world marker for player loot-bags.
  • Improved map player icons. Added support for colours. Icon's get smaller when zooming right into the map. Made compass waypoint icon bigger.
  • Added Scrolling with a mouse wheel now works on talent views with no zoom enabled
  • Added Scroll bars on talent views are correctly hidden when they aren't needed (Player & Blueprint only need one)
  • Added HUD window to display connectivity status information.
  • Added additional connectivity information to the escape menu.
  • Added button to allow players to cancel out of a save prompt on leaving their prospect.
  • Changed prospect notifications will now forcefully appear on the screen if it contains unclaimed resources/items
  • Changed electrical wall and ceiling lights to no longer require shelter.
  • Changed Cooking Station to no longer require fuel.
  • Improved accolade popup notification window and added images.
  • Improved locomotion animations for Buffalo and Wild Boar.
  • Updated HUD. Now Talent and Blueprint points always show if any are available.
  • Decreased movement speed while carrying animal carcasses (-10%/-20%/-30% depending on size).
  • Removed Fog Of War on Outposts.
  • Updated translation information for Asian and European languages.
  • Fixed issue with El Camino mission which could prevent it from progressing.
  • Fixed issue with Desert Expedition mission which prevented players from continuing if they left the game during the boss fight.
  • Fixed several issues relating to reloading mission state.
  • Fixed issue with scanned meta-deposits not reloading properly.
  • Fixed issue where cosmetic rain was not applying effects correctly.
  • Fixed issue with some accolades where the quantities in descriptions were incorrect values.
  • Fixed issue with mislabelled Cougar accolade.
  • Fixed issue where Coal Ore could be taken off-world.
  • Fixed issues where some electrical wires could not be deleted.
  • Fixed issue where some outposts were missing their map image
  • Fixed issue where players could use invalid characters in naming their outposts.
  • Fixed issue with 'If It Works' talent where knives can split trees but don't grant wood on auto-collect.
Hotfix 5: Version

Offline Mode Workshop, 'Error 001', Saving Prompt Fixes and much more.

  • Added destroyed mesh variant for bedrolls.
  • Added surface effects for Bone, Mud and Thatch.
  • Added deploy sounds for the Extractor and Faction Drill.
  • Increased hot drink modifier length timers from 300 seconds to 900 seconds.
  • Changed the colour and size of version information on the main menu screen.
  • Updated localized text for supported Asian languages.
  • Fixed issue causing some instances of saving prompt appearing when leaving a drop and never completing.
  • Fixed bug in offline mode where trying to buy a free item with a balance of zero would fail.
  • Fixed issue with sessions invalidating prospect states which can cause error 001.
  • Fixed incorrect icon for buffs granted by thermos beverages.
  • Fixed issue where the EXP gained notification sometimes displayed incorrect values.
  • Fixed issue preventing the issue of rewards and purchasing of workshop items while in offline play.
  • Fixed issue relating to the placement of the mining drill due to it being blocked by cables placed to power it.
  • Fixed audio settings for the Bedroll
  • Fixed issues with recipe validation on processing machines.
  • Fixed Carbon Armor not being tagged as a workshop item, and not being preserved if carried back to the station.
  • Fixed some instances of issue resulting in players dying while arriving in their dropship.
  • Fixed mismatch between some character heads and hands skin tone.
  • Fixed issue with replication of mission audio.
  • Fixed missing icon for wall-mounted drill used in faction quests.
Hotfix 4: Version

Some big wins across the board. Improved performance, fixes for mission problems and a range of other tidy-ups, fixes.

  • Significantly optimized rendering of distant terrain, allowing the effect of increased performance from higher FOV settings to be applied generally.
  • Updated instances of envirosuit variants having an incorrect physics material set.
  • Improved functionality of electronic wire placement around structures.
  • Improved ability to place electrical wires on the Desert Exploration mission.
  • Improved collision on the Riverlands Expedition path blocker.
  • Updated character level limit to 99.
  • Updated translated game text for multiple languages.
  • Increased detection area for 'Make your way over the Rock' in the Riverlands Expedition as it was not always possible to trigger the next quest step.
  • Fixed issue where after being revived by another player, you could lose items stored in slots provided by backpack and module slots.
  • Fixed issue where players could unlock the extractor blueprint outside of extraction missions.
  • Fixed issue where Antibiotic Medicines did not always remove Food Poisoning.
  • Fixed issue where Antiparasitic Medicines did not always remove Dysentry.
  • Fixed issue where dead players could have duplicate envirosuits.
  • Fixed issue displaying tooltip information for items granted by talents.
  • Fixed issue preventing some players from completing the Arctic Expedition Faction Mission.
  • Fixed issue where Cave Distance Travelled accolade was being awarded incorrectly.
  • Fixed Workshop Shengong Knife that pointed to incorrect variant.
  • Fixed issue where Avalanche: Expedition mission could not be completed at the powering the laser step.
  • Fixed issue with Creamed Corn providing a +75% Max Stamina instead of +75 Max Stamina.
  • Fixed issue where several talents had identical names.
  • Fixed issue with the Deployable Engineering talent providing a slower crafting speed rather than a faster one.
  • Fixed description on Well Laid Fire talent which was poorly describing the fuel usage of campfires.
  • Fixed issue with stats on the Ghillie suit pieces which made players more attractive to animals instead of less visible.
  • Fixed issue with text on the backpack description.
  • Fixed issue where the XP reward message on killing a Buffalo incorrectly called it a Cougar.
  • Added some missing mission dialogue to several missions.
  • Fixed issue with Arctic: Expedition mission where after clearing the obstacle, moving beyond it wouldn't progress the mission.
  • Reduced extractor fuel usage. It now requires 3 biofuel cans to mine 100 exotics.
  • Fixed issue where extractor generator/effects would continue even once the deposit was exhausted.
  • Fixed issue where the extractor would continue to try start, even if no fuel was available.
Hotfix 3: Version
  • Fixed Join Session screen was often blank, even when your friends were actually in a Icarus game session that you could join
  • Expanded the error reporting for failure in offline mode, to provide a better capture of the error, and description of the problem to the player.
  • Fixed unable to play in Offline when steam is in Offline Mode.
Hotfix 2: Version:

Important bugfixes. We will likely be producing another update today, to fix serious connectivity issues and issues with joining friends.

  • Fixed missing icon for Leather Backpack
  • Fixed missing translation entries for several European languages.
  • Improved performance slightly by removing some editor tooling for creatures.
  • Fixed several missing item and modifier icons.
  • Fixed large cats identity issues causing them to sometimes change species on death.
  • Fixed inability to focus on (and eat) food in your hand.
  • Fixed issue which could prevent electrical wires from being placed too close to one another.
  • Fixed issue preventing the Electric Composter from being crafted.
  • Increased gold rewarded from mining by 20%.
  • Reduced gold cost of crafting Electronics by 50%.
  • Changed Wolf Den map marker to be slightly transparent.
  • Improved visibility of Forest Extermination circular quest marker.
  • Improved animal spawning behaviour for missions, they will now spawn further away from the player and approach from there.
  • Fixed Construction mission markers not accurately reflecting the valid mission area.
  • Fixed chopping fallen trees not rewarding experience.
  • Fixed incorrect mission objective description on Canyon Expedition.
  • Reduced movement speed bonus from Mass Dampener module from 10% to 5%.
  • Fixed issue with Forest Extermination mission where objective markers would not reload when resuming the prospect.
  • Fixed some issues preventing people in different geographic regions playing together.
  • Fixed issue where some users could time-out from a server if alt-tabbing for an extended period.
  • Fixed issue with Glacier Expedition where objective progress was not shown for mulktiplayer clients.
  • Fixed issue with construction search area circles being too large and modified colour so its easier to see.
  • Rain Reservour no longer requires shelter in the Pyramid construciton Mission.
  • Search areas for construction missions have changed to a better colour.
  • Doubled valid buildable area for construction missions.
Hotfix 1: Version

Fabricator rebalance, shadow fixes on foliage and mountains, and a backpack!

  • Fixed issue where the First Cohort Envirosuit or Fur Armor may displayed incorrectly during the skinning animation.
  • Fixed issue with shadows being displayed incorrectly on the distant mountains.
  • Fixed issue where some of the new foliage for wild crops could have their shadows display incorrectly at a distance.
  • Fixed issue where some translated text was not displayed in the correct language.
  • Reduced colour saturation on wild crops so they better blend in with their surroundings.
  • Updated Fabricator recipe to reduce its overall cost.
  • Updated setting descriptions to more clearly explain prerequisites for DLSS and FSR.
  • Added Leather Backpack, a "G" Slot or backpack slot item that grants additional inventory slots and weight carry capacity. It also reduces the carry-weight of ores in your inventory. It is available at Tier 2 and crafted on the Textiles bench.

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Featured image courtesy of RocketWerkz