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How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

Tear your way through more dungeons with our guide on how to quickly farm for Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch.
How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch
Eleventh Hour Games

Dungeons constitute a fundamental aspect of Last Epoch, offering abundant experience points, unique items, and weapons. However, gaining entry into a dungeon requires specific items known as dungeon keys, which are consumed with each dungeon run. 

So, to ensure a seamless dungeon farming experience, it's essential to understand how to efficiently farm and maintain a steady supply of these keys. To help all players in this regard, below we will showcase some of the most effective tips for quickly farming dungeon keys in Last Epoch.

How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch

There are multiple strategies for efficiently farming dungeon keys in Last Epoch, each differing in difficulty and effectiveness. Despite the variation, all methods can serve as valuable sources of keys for those willing to invest time or effort. Let's explore our selection of the top five methods to rapidly farm dungeon keys in Last Epoch:

Last Epoch How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys Enemies
High-level mobs will drop Dungeon Keys, as well as most of the bosses in the game. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

1.) Obtaining Keys from Random or High-Level Enemies

Enemies scattered throughout the game, especially high-level ones, possess a significant chance of dropping keys. This also applies to bosses from various dungeons, and as you advance to higher levels, particularly level 54, the drop chances further increase. This includes bosses encountered in the Monolith of Fate.

2.) Defeating Timeline Bosses in the Monolith of Fate

Killing Timeline Bosses in the Monolith of Fate proves highly effective for key farming. These bosses exhibit a substantial probability of dropping keys, with the chances scaling based on Item Rarity. At elevated Item Rarity levels, they may even drop multiple keys.

3.) Acquiring Keys from Golden Loot Boxes

Golden Loot Boxes are scattered across the Last Epoch map and serve as rewards for completing regular Monoliths, side missions, and Prophecies. While the contents are random, there's a chance of obtaining Dungeon Keys, making it worthwhile to open as many as possible.

Last Epoch How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys Arena
While not as readily recommended, the Arena of Champions can also be a solid choice for Dungeon Key farming. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

4.) Completing The Arena of Champions

The Arena of Champions offers another avenue for obtaining Dungeon Keys. However, the challenges are notably more difficult, and the modifier allowing a single dungeon key drop has a relatively low chance of appearing. Additionally, enemies in the Arena provide fewer loot opportunities compared to the Monolith, making this the least recommended option.

5.) Receiving Keys as Rewards from the Vaults of Uncertain Fate

A specific dungeon, the Vault of Uncertain Fate, guarantees key drops and is located at the end of the Lightless Arbor dungeon. While it ensures a key drop, you'll only receive one. Pursuing this reward is worthwhile if you're prepared to face the enemies inside, including the Mountain Beneath boss, which may also drop keys if you're fortunate or use modifiers. The effort is justified in the long run.

Last Epoch How To Quickly Farm Dungeon Keys Vaults of Uncertain Fate
The Vaults of Uncertain Fate at the end of the Lightless Arbor dungeon will reliably drop one Dungeon key at its end, as well as any others you might get along the way. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

In summary, these strategies offer a comprehensive approach to swiftly farming dungeon keys in Last Epoch, enabling frequent runs through any of the game's dungeons. Additionally, if you haven't conquered the Lightless Arbor dungeon mentioned earlier, consider exploring our guides on the Temporal Sanctum and Soulfire Bastion dungeons.