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Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon: How To Enter, Complete & Rewards

We break down how to locate, clear, and defeat the boss of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon in Last Wpoch and claim the rewards waiting for you.
Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon: How To Enter, Complete & Rewards
Eleventh Hour Games

The world of Last Epoch presents diverse challenges for players to overcome as they enhance their strength and advance through the campaign. Among the most rigorous tests of your abilities that you'll face are the dungeons within the game, and this guide focuses on the very first one introduced, the Temporal Sanctum dungeon.

Similar to subsequently added dungeons, this one poses various threats to contend with but is also arguably the most rewarding of them all. Let's delve into everything we know about it, covering how to find and unlock the dungeon, navigate through it, defeat the boss, and obtain the rewards it holds.

How To Locate and Unlock the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon in Last Epoch

The Temporal Sanctum dungeon is situated in the Ruined Era and can be reached from the Shining Cove. Starting from the portal in the Cove, head northeast until you encounter a large stone door. Open the door and proceed through the Portal to the Ruined Coast. While on the Ruined Coast, head south, but as the path is obstructed, begin by heading northwest.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Unlock
To unlock the Temporal Sanctum, you'll need Temporal Sanctum Keys which can be farmed from the Monolith or the Arena. (Picture: Maxroll.gg / Eleventh Hour Games)

Navigate through the abandoned ships, descending until you reach the bridge. Pull the lever and defeat Ortra'ek the Survivor. The door to the east will open, allowing entry into the Temporal Sanctum. Upon entering the Temporal Sanctum dungeon, you'll require a specific item or items called Temporal Sanctum Keys for access. 

These keys are consumed each time you enter the dungeon, and if you die or exit while inside, you will lose the key and need another one to attempt the dungeon again. Fortunately, these keys can be obtained from random enemies, and they can also be targeted by farming Timeline Bosses and the Arena of Champions (though the Arena is not recommended due to its low drop rate).

How To Clear Temporal Sanctum Dungeon in Last Epoch

Each dungeon in Last Epoch (including the Lightless Arbor and Soulfire Bastion dungeons) introduces a unique dungeon mechanic, and staying true to its name, the Temporal Sanctum dungeon incorporates a time-related feature known as Temporal Shift. This mechanic empowers players to switch between the Divine Era and Ruined Era Timelines at their discretion.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Mechanic and layout
The dungeon features a temporal shift mechanic that allows you to transport between the Ruined and Divine Era versions of the floor you're on. (Picture: Maxroll.gg / Eleventh Hour Games)

Activating Temporal Shift alters the map to correspond with the respective Era, adjusts the enemies to those suitable for the Timeline, and grants the ability to traverse areas that are inaccessible in the opposite Timeline. The entire dungeon comprises various map layouts, all of which can be shifted between the Divine and Ruined Eras, allowing players to farm both versions of each area or floor (excluding the boss arena).

Temporal Shift can also be utilized to navigate the dungeon more efficiently by circumventing obstacles and avoiding enemies. Speaking of adversaries, there are specific ones to be cautious of while traversing the Temporal Sanctum.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Clearing enemies
As you progress through the dungeon, enemies will vary depending on the Era you're in, so be aware of their abilities and which ones roam in each Era. (Picture: YouTube / Gringo Gaming)

The Gorgon, a substantial serpent, leaves behind a Poison tornado as it retreats. This tornado inflicts significant Poison damage over time, increasing in size with its duration. Temporal Hunters, a group of smaller serpents, pursue and teleport across timelines, delivering a melee attack that applies five stacks of Poison.

Next, the Festering Cultists resemble purple skitterers with long, spider-like legs. They deal considerable Melee Physical and Void damage, capable of shredding both armor and Void Resistance, making confrontation challenging at higher tiers. Lastly, the Void Husk Nagas, exclusive to the Ruined Era, continuously launch an arcing Void Snake at the player, causing moderate Void Damage.

Take note of these specific enemies among the others as you traverse the dungeon, as they can catch you off guard and jeopardize your run if not approached with caution. However, by playing it safe, you'll smoothly progress through the dungeon and confront the boss, Chronomancer Julra.

How To Beat the Chronomancer Julra Boss in Last Epoch

Chronomancer Julra, or simply Julra for our discussion, is a formidable boss, easily ranking among the strongest in the game. The primary challenge you'll face is her unpredictable fighting style, lacking any discernible order in her attack and skill patterns on top of the fact that her abilities will affect the fight depending on if you are in the Divine or Ruined Era.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Chronomancer Julra boss
The boss of this Arena is Chronomancer Julra, and she features a chaotic array of abilities and attack sequences. (Picture: Maxroll.gg / Eleventh Hour Games)

Before delving into tips on how to defeat her, let's break down all the moves she utilizes during the fight against you.

  • Catastrophic Implosion: Julra initiates a massive clock mechanism that, upon reaching 12, triggers a screen-wide Void Damage AoE blast, applying 4 stacks of Doom. This attack can be evaded by shifting Eras before the implosion occurs.
  • Dimension Tear: Julra leaves an AoE circle at the player's feet that persists for an extended duration, inflicting high Void Damage over Time. She consistently deploys this ability a few seconds after teleporting to a new Timeline.
  • Summon Pillars: Three pillars are summoned, existing in both eras but functioning differently. In the Divine Era, they lack attacks and can be destroyed. In the Ruined Era, they become invulnerable, utilizing Lightning Bolt, a telegraphed attack causing Lightning Damage and Shocks.
  • Summon Healing Fountain: Julra creates a healing fountain, replenishing her health with projectiles featuring a high rate of fire. This fountain can be destroyed.
  • Frigid Tide: Julra unleashes a conal attack toward the player, causing moderate Hit Cold Damage and Chilling.
  • Unraveling Decay: Four beams radiate outward from the arena center, rotating clockwise. There's a substantial gap near the center for the player to stand in, avoiding the attacks. Being hit results in high Void Damage and Shredded Void Resistance.
  • Temporal Shot: Julra fires a single, high-speed projectile at the player, inflicting moderate Void Damage.
  • Chilled Seeker: Julra releases a trio of projectiles at the player, tracking their movement and causing low to moderate Hit Cold Damage.
  • Shocking Impact: Julra fires a mortar-like attack, creating a circular explosion on the ground. There are small and large versions of this attack, both dealing Lightning Damage, with the larger one covering a greater area and inflicting increased damage.

At the beginning of the battle, Julra will usually initiate Catastrophic Implosion. You can continue dealing damage as the clock winds, but ensure to use Temporal Shift before it hits 12 to avoid the lethal Implosion. If caught, surviving players should promptly cleanse the applied Doom stacks.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Chronomancer Julra boss Abilities
Be aware of Julras abilities, and AI responses, especially since some of them are triggered by the Temporal Shift ability. (Picture: Maxroll.gg / Eleventh Hour Games)

After shifting eras, Julra casts Dimension Tear under your feet. The puddle takes some time to form and follows you, so position it to the room edges during this phase. Throughout the fight, Julra regularly uses Catastrophic Implosion, prompting era shifts and creating more Dimension Tears. Puddles stay in their era, so poor positioning may lead to unintended encounters. Once a puddle forms, rush to the edge to keep the arena center clear.

Be vigilant for Catastrophic Implosion and Unraveling Decay. Handle Implosion as before. For Decay, stand in the gap between beams while avoiding other attacks. Destroy Healing Fountains promptly but avoid standing in damaging attacks to do so.

If Summon Pillars are used in the Divine Era, kill them quickly. In the Ruined Era, dodge attacks until you switch eras. While it may be tempting to switch eras immediately, doing so prompts another Dimension Tear. Excessive era switches can lead to overwhelming Tear accumulation, so only switch when necessary.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Chronomancer Julra boss Overview
Generally, you'll want to take this fight slow and steady, as rushing through it can easily lead to you being overwhelmed with no room to escape. (Picture: Maxroll.gg / Eleventh Hour Games)

The rest of the mechanics are manageable, but their sheer number, coupled with Unraveling Decay and Dimension Tear, makes the fight challenging. Prioritize movement to naturally evade some mechanics using whichever build you have. Focus on managing mechanics over dealing damage. Though burning Julra quickly may seem tempting, a poorly placed puddle is more challenging to handle than many well-placed ones. 

Time your Temporal Shifts to avoid Catastrophic Implosion, consistently position Dimension Tear puddles, dodge Unraveling Decay beams, and stay mobile to evade Julra's other attacks. Take this boss slow and avoid rushing as it will be to your detriment, and before you know it, Julra will fall. 

Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Rewards

The Temporal Sanctum offers various rewards, including dropped items from defeating enemies, boss Unique drops, and the unique ability to create Legendaries. Let's focus on Legendaries first, as they are likely the most sought-after rewards from the dungeon.

Last Epoch Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Rewards
The Eternity Cache will grant you the ability to create Legendary items for your efforts in beating the dungeon. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

To create a Legendary item, complete the dungeon by defeating Chronomancer Julra. Afterward, a door opens to the Eternity Cache. Place a Unique with Legendary Potential and an Exalted item with at least 4 non-sealed affixes. Utilize your Dungeon ability to switch from the Divine Timeline to the Ruined Timeline and collect your reward. 

*Note that you can only create one Legendary per Dungeon run, and the Unique's item level must be less than or equal to the Dungeon level.

Next are the boss Unique drops, varying based on the dungeon tier:

  • Ring: Julra's Stardial drops from tier 1 and higher.
  • Helmet: Somnia drops from tier 2 and higher.
  • Gloves: Julra's Obsession drops from tier 3 and higher.
  • Relic: Vessel of Strife only drops from tier 4.

The dungeon itself features modifiers chosen as you progress through each floor and a daily modifier tied to it. These modifiers range from increased chances to find specific Exalted items to enhanced crafting materials. Higher-tier dungeons offer better versions of lower-tier modifiers and introduce new ones. Experiment with modifiers to increase your rewards or improve their quality.

In conclusion, this provides a comprehensive breakdown of conquering the Temporal Sanctum dungeon in Last Epoch. Armed with the tools to locate, unlock, and clear this powerful dungeon, you can claim the rewards it holds. 

We want to thank Maxroll.gg for their brilliant breakdown of this dungeon, which we sourced for information, and If any information about this dungeon changes, we will promptly update this listing. For more details, explore our dedicated Last Epoch section.