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Riot reveals updates for Lucian, ahead of Sentinels event

Lucian the Purifier is set to receive some tweaks both in his base VFX and skills, as we get closer to the release of the Sentinels of Light event.
Riot reveals updates for Lucian, ahead of Sentinels event

Lucian is one of the best known champions within the League of Legends universe, released into Summoner's Rift eight years ago and forming part of a long rivalry with Thresh in search of rescuing his wife Senna, while gaining prominence more recently with the plot of the Sentinels of Light and the Ruin.

For this reason, and in view of the imminent launch of the Rise of the Sentinels global event in all titles within Riot Games' catalogue, the Purifier will receive a couple of updates both visually and mechanically in League of Legends, preparing him for the great battle he will have to face against the Ruined King.

League of Legends Rise of the Sentinels event
(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with the changes to his stats and abilities, teased last month, the idea is to make Lucian a more suitable option for the bottom lane, making him a better companion with Senna.

They have currently been testing a base stat reduction and damage for his abilities at early levels, which will be offset by buffs that would strengthen him when attacking immobilized targets or receiving heals or shields. As always, remember these changes are tentative, and are planned to be released on PBE during the development of patch 11.15.

Moving on to the visual changes, Lucian will gain some love by receiving a few tweaks to his abilities. This time, his changes will be made by Oliver "Beardilocks" McDonald, one of the designers who recently worked on the Kog'Maw VFX update.

First impressions reveal a Lucian whose attacks and range of all abilities will be seen more clearly on the battlefield, giving his particles a finer and more sparkly effect.

One of the biggest changes will come to his Q, Piercing Light, which will allow you to see its hitbox better when casting it.

At the moment, Lucian's visual changes are already available to be tested within the PBE, however it has only been confirmed to arrive for his base skin, so depending on the response of these, these changes may be seen in some of the more iconic skins of the Purifier.

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