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LoL 11.14 patch preview: Irelia and Lillia overhaul, nerfs to assassins, Mundo and Tahm adjustments, and more

Some of the most dominant champions in the current season will now be under Riot’s nerf hammer, while others receive improvements in their skills and stats.
LoL 11.14 patch preview: Irelia and Lillia overhaul, nerfs to assassins, Mundo and Tahm adjustments, and more

With League of Legends meta evolving due to the mobility changes revealed on patch 11.13, many champions have suffered from both a higher win rate, but also a worse performance as is the case for Dr. Mundo and Tahm Kench after their reworks, respectively.

Riot has already started releasing the first details of what will come with patch 11.14, bringing a bunch of tweaks to many champs from the top lane, jungle and even a couple of supports, with the most affected being those among the assassins class after their OP performance both in competitive and ranked queues.

Irelia and Lillia to receive massive overhaul

Previously we covered some of the adjustments the Blade Dancer will get for the next update, as Riot’s gameplay team has prepared a batch of nerfs to her stats, passives, and skills, as they try to find a way to finally deal with her solo power in the mid lane.

League of Legends Irelia and Lillia splasharts
(Picture: Riot Games)

As for Lillia, her case is a big contrast when compared to Irelia, as the many changes the Gameplay Team has pushed into champions like Hecarim, Udyr, and Darius, have left her in the bottom of the bucket with a current 44.96% win rate, the worst among every champion in the game at the moment.

So far, some of the changes for Lillia were already spotted in the PBE during the development of patch 11.13, however it was pushed back as they have prepared major changes to reduce pro binding and increase her solo queue win rate, increasing durability and scaling but lowering early game clear power, as confirmed by game designer Daniel ‘Maxw3ll’ Emmons on Twitter.

As you can see on the tweet above, the changes to the Bashful Bloom will have an impact on every single part of her skill set, having a bigger evolution than those revealed for Irelia. However, the objective of these is to change her role from a jungler to a solo laner, with the risk of her becoming a flex-pick.

Nerfs to assassins on Riot’s radar

It’s no surprise the current meta has been populated with assassin champions, as many of them are now sitting as the champions with the highest win rate in competitive and rankeds. So far, this has made a difficult situation for those who don’t master an assassin for a showdown in the mid lane.

League of Legends 11.14 preview nerfs
(Picture: Jeevun 'Jag' Sidhu via Twitter)

As of now, some nerfs have been revealed for champions like Akali and Nocturne, however other champs that could be on the radar include Yasuo, Zed, Katarina, and Yone. Accompanying them we find Karma, Ziggs, and Malzahar, who have been a nightmare in recent days, and finally Xin Zhao and Shaco, which overtook the jungle on the most recent patches.

Adjustments for Tahm Kench and Dr. Mundo

It has become a constant to find that Riot fails when working on champions releases and reworks, and this time is no exception. Starting with Tahm Kench, the move on his Devour into being an Ultimate made a harsh impact into his playstyle, as his focus has become more of a fighter tank than a support tank.

In the case of Dr. Mundo, the changes from his rework at least for his role as a top laner have been fantastic, getting good results in League’s competitive, however his effectiveness as a jungler has gone down faster than ever

To counter this, Tahm Kench’s passive damage will now scale further with his HP, while the healing of his Q will be increased drastically and the shield of his Ultimate will be bigger, however the cooldown of his E will be increased as well.

The Madman of Zaun will get a higher base attack speed, his Q will now have a refund of 100% when hit, and his E will be able to punt small monsters, while also dealing more damage.

Other balance changes

To finish, these champions will receive some improvements in the next patch, as their efficiency in their respectives roles has been diminished due to their recent changes on mobility and nerfs to items.

League of Legends 11.14 preview buffs
(Picture: Jeevun 'Jag' Sidhu via Twitter)

More changes to champions and other adjustments will be announced in the next few days ahead of the patch release.

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