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Sessions Star Guardian Taliyah Album by Riot Games Music Is Now Available

Riot Games Music launches the third album, Star Guardian Taliyah, in the highly successful Sessions series. It is now available to use for free by Riot Games players and content creators.
Sessions Star Guardian Taliyah Album by Riot Games Music Is Now Available

After releasing two successful albums of the Session series, i.e., Vi and Diana, Riot Games Music is back with the third installment called Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah. Sessions series presents a collection of songs that are free to use for Riot Games players and content creators. 

It is being released as a part of the Star Guardian event, a 10-week magical experience that brings together global players and anime fans alike. According to Riot Games Music, "Players and fans can expect a suite of dance and electronic music in the third album that also plays in the glitch pop, future funk, and kawaii bass spaces."

Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah songs are copyright free.
Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah songs are copyright free. (Picture: Riot Games Music)

Here is the list of all the songs and contributing artists of Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah.

Contributing Artists

  • 3D BLAST
  • bear bear & friends
  • chromonicci
  • ev.exi
  • Hyleo
  • leon chang
  • Mélonade
  • Mere Notilde
  • Rob Robinson
  • Semoothe
  • Snail's House
  • Strawberry Station
  • suteki
  • Synthion

Full Tracklist

  • Suteki - i'll see you again
  • 3D BLAST - Courtwalk
  • Snail's House - Jump
  • TANUKI - Fragments
  • chromonicci - Irresistible.
  • Mélonade - Daydream
  • Mere Notilde - Gamma Ray
  • Mélonade - Magic
  • Semoothe - Radiant
  • Strawberry Station - Show Me Your Dream
  • Hyleo - Nightmare Pop
  • Mere Notilde - Drastic Love
  • leon chang - moonstruck girl
  • Synthion - Perfume
  • Strawberry Station - Taste Of Soda
  • bear bear & friends - SHIBA INU
  • TANUKI - Shimmer City
  • FIBRE - First Strike
  • ev.exi - no time
  • FIBRE - Upper Bound
  • Rob Robinson - Deceit
  • chromonicci - Player One.
  • Semoothe - Across The Universe
  • leon chang - cinnamon speedway
  • Hyleo - Dream Eater
  • Synthion - Xylitol
  • Snail's House - Starchild
  • bear bear & friends - MOCHI


Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah is based on exploring the identity of choice Star Guardian champions through a musical journey and it intends to create a deeper connection between players and these characters. 

The songs of the previous two Sessions albums were massive hits as they have been streamed over 43 million times on major streaming platforms, and Star Guardian Taliyan is all set to be another successful album.

You can listen to the songs below on YouTube.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games Music.