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DRX Beat T1 In League of Legends Worlds 2022 Grand Finals

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has officially crowned its newest champion, DRX, after five fantastic and nail-biting games.
DRX Beat T1 In League of Legends Worlds 2022 Grand Finals

Riot Games' most prestigious League of Legends tournament, Worlds 2022, has officially crowned its champion. After multiple weeks of sweat, blood, and tears, the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals saw the iconic T1 facing the legendary DRX. Both teams performed and displayed exceptional talent at the highest caliber of esports competitivity. However, at the end of such a widely-adored competition, there could only be one winner.

DRX is the Worlds 2022 Grand Champion. The team didn't taste victory without a little struggle, though. T1 and the legendary Lee Sang-hyeok, better known as Faker, didn't make winning an easy endeavor for DRX, with the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals match-up lasting five games. 

drx newest worlds 2022 grand champion
DRX is the newest Worlds 2022 Grand Champion.

The Grand Finals match-up started in favor of T1, with the team winning the first round against DRX. The group absolutely decimated DRX thanks to Faker's legendary performance with Azir. T1 won the first round with a team kill score of 15-5 and a gold difference of over 10,000. In response, DRX returned that favor by taking the second match.

It was quite a close match, and T1 kept things together pretty well, but DRX prevailed and triumphed over the team with a slight team kill advantage of four eliminations and 1,000 gold ahead. With both teams neck and neck, T1 bounced back and beat DRX in game three.

It seems Faker's lucky charm worked again, with the player picking Azir and decimating the group in team fights. Each team had the same overall kill score, but T1 destroyed seven more towers than DRX and secured Baron twice and Dragon three times.

drx triumphed t1 match score worlds 2022 grand finals
DRX triumphed over T1 with an overall match score of 3-2 during the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals.

In the fourth round, DRX managed to come back into the race and topple T1. DRX smashed T1 with a team kill score of 14-4 and an overall gold advantage of 8,000. Unfortunately, it seems that Faker couldn't keep up with the flow of the game and managed not to score any eliminations, closing the game with a KDA of 0-3.

The final match was legendary. Both teams had an overall score of 2-2 in the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals, putting immense pressure on teams to perform, especially considering Faker's legacy on the line as he attempted to climb his way to victory. That said, unfortunately for T1 and Faker, DRX managed to overcome their opponents. 

DRX beat T1 in the fifth Worlds 2022 Grand Finals match, cementing them as the victors and champions of the prestigious championship. DRX took down T1 with a team kill score of 19-10, concluding the Worlds 2022 Grand Finals with a finalized overall match-up score of 3-2.

For most fans, it's a little disheartening to see Faker come so close but ultimately lose the tournament, especially when the team was only an inch away from greatness. That said, T1 and DRX performed valiantly and put on an impeccable display of talent for the millions of fans that follow them.

The fact that the match-up led to five eventful and nail-biting games was already legendary. So, there's no denying, regardless of who won or lost, Worlds 2022 Grand Finals will be a tale to remember and one that everyone will mostly be talking about for the coming days.

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All featured images are courtesy of Twitter via Riot Games and Worlds 2022.