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Legends of Runeterra
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LoR Beyond the Bandlewood expansion releases in August, PvE expansion coming in November

A new cycle is about to being in Legends of Runeterra, with the release of a new set and its much anticipated World Championship.
Riot’s card game continues to evolve with every new patch and set released, bringing many changes and features into its metagame, along with new ways of playing and more competitive experiences added to the game.

As part of these changes, the dev team of Legends of Runeterra took their time to reveal everything Riot Games has prepared for the second half of 2021, featuring updates around the final region to join the game’s roster, as well as a new experimental mode, and the future of its competitive scene.

Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge

As we start to turn the page around the Sentinels of Light themed event and its Event Passes, patch 2.13.0 has been released today 27th July, adding the new Lab of Legends mode called The Saltwater Scourge.

Legends of Runeterra The Saltwater Scourge
(Picture: Riot Games)

In this RPG-styled progression mode, you will have to choose to adventure through Bilgewater as Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench, or Twisted Fate, levelling up as you take on enemies and build a deck strong enough to defeat the dethroned reaver king Gangplank.

As you grow in power, the choice will be yours: carefully build your strength by challenging weaker enemies, or push forward more aggressively to take on higher-level bosses. If you fall in battle, you will have a chance to refill your health and complete your mission at the price of a lower adventure score.

Legends of Runeterra The Saltwater Scourge
(Picture: Riot Games)

This mode is Riot’s next step toward a permanent PVE mode, so look forward to more experiments and more adventures coming soon.

New Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

August will bring the start of a new Set, based on the tenth and final region to be added into Legends of Runeterra, being none other than Bandle City. This magical setting will feature multiple portals and yordles throughout the entirety of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra Beyond the Bandlewood
(Picture: Riot Games)

The Beyond the Bandlewood will feature a new series of seasonal tournaments, a brand new Expansion Event Pass, and  four expansions instead of three, being released in the following schedule:

  • November 2021: Major PvE expansion
  • December 2021: Magical Misadventures expansion
  • February 2022: Unnamed Champions expansion

This set will be released around 25th August, 2021, after the conclusion of the fifth seasonal tournament and the current ranked season. Card previews should be revealed in the next few days.

Legends of Runeterra Beyond the Bandlewood
(Picture: Riot Games)

LoR World Championship and the future of the esports scene

Last but not least, the competitive scene of Legends of Runeterra will face its biggest challenge since its launch, as players will get to play on the long-awaited and most prestigious LoR tournament to date in September 2021, the Legends of Runeterra World Championship.

As wit was revealed back in April, the LoR World Championship will feature the best 16 players from all around the world in a massive battle for a prize pool of $200,000 USD and the honour of being the first-ever LoR World Champion.

Legends of Runeterra World Championship
(Picture: Riot Games)

You can find more details about the Legends of Runeterra World Championship in our first reveal article.

After the World Championship concludes, two Seasonal Tournaments using the new set will be held in October and December along with the Ranked Season starts, in the road to the 2022 competitive season.

Finally, a new special event is also scheduled to happen this November, featuring a new Mega Event Pass and more content to be released in the future.

Don’t forget to follow our Legends of Runeterra dedicated section, where you will find news, guides, updates, and more.