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Lost Ark best graphics settings

Here are the best graphics settings for Lost Ark to bring the game's stunning visuals to life.
Lost Ark best graphics settings

After initially releasing exclusively to Asian gaming markets in December of 2019, Lost Ark is finally available for players in the West. The massive fantasy multiplayer online title is full of exciting content for players to explore, and the hype is certainly warranted.

The early access period is now open for Lost Ark, while the full release version will go live on 11th February 2022. Followingly, one of the more pressing topics since launch has been how to optimise the game's settings to achieve the best performance.

So, to help you get set up and running right away, we've compiled a list of the best way to bring Lost Ark to life. Here are all the best graphics settings for Lost Ark.

Best graphics settings for Lost Ark

Applying the best graphics settings will provide a massive boost in performance and FPS in Lost Ark. That's not to say the game has graphics issues or deficiencies, as the default settings are undoubtedly sufficient.

Lost Ark best graphics settings FPS
Finding the best graphics settings is key to optimal Lost Ark performance. (Picture: Smilegate)

However, applying the top graphics settings for your particular PC can improve your Lost Ark experience by a remarkable margin. Follow along for all the best settings for gaming PCs with low-end to mid-range level setups.


DirectX 11

Better Depth of Field


Bloom Effect Off
Distortion Effect Off
Motion Blur Off
Flare Effect Off
Screen Fullscreen
Shadow Quality Low/Medium
Texture Quality Low/Medium
Particle Quality Low/Medium
Character Quality Low/Medium
Anti-Aliasing Inactive/Low
Better Depth of Field Disable
Indirect Shadows Disable

For players with a newer PC capable of higher-end gameplay, you'll want to bump up some of those settings.

You can use the settings below to harness your the game's full potential.


DirectX 11

Better Depth of Field


Bloom Effect On
Distortion Effect On
Motion Blur On
Flare Effect On
Screen Fullscreen
Shadow Quality High/Very High
Texture Quality High/Very High
Particle Quality High/Very High
Character Quality High/Very High
Anti-Aliasing High
Better Depth of Field On
Indirect Shadows On

Remember, the default settings may not align with your necessary level when you first start playing. So be sure to go in and check the Shadow and Texture quality to ensure optimal FPS.

Lost Ark best graphics settings game screenshot
Fine-tuning your graphics settings can help to optimise your Lost Ark experience. (Picture: Smilegate)

Users have also noted that Borderless Window mode also helps to improve performance, should you be looking for a further fix. Try these overall settings for your level PC to start but don't hesitate to make additional tweaks specific to your system.


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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate.