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Lost Ark Harmony Shard Farm Guide

Looking for the fastest way to farm Harmony Shard in Lost Ark? Harmony Shards are incredibly useful in the late game, and this Lost Ark Harmony Shard farming guide will provide you with the best way to collect them as much as possible.
Lost Ark Harmony Shard Farm Guide

MMORPG Lost Ark provides an incredibly rich experience with an extensive array of options for players to build their characters and explore the vast world of Arkesia.

As you play the game more and more you will be constantly surprised with just how much content is there for players to dive into. Of course, as you continue to progress and encounter new areas and end-game activities, you will realize that things will be much harder to deal with.

Asides from perfecting your skills, the very important factor, just like in any other RPG, will be to constantly upgrade your gear and find better items to support you in combat.

That is where Harmony Shards jump in. You will use them to increase the level of your items, allowing them to be further upgraded.

It's a crucial resource that is not that easy to find, and here are the best ways to farm them in Lost Ark.

How to farm Harmony Shard fast in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Harmony Shard Farm gudie
The Chaos Dungeon is great for Harmony Shard Farming in Lost Ark. (Picture: Amazon)

Probably the best way to get Harmony Shard in Lost ark is by regularly completing the Chaos Dungeon activities. The Chaos Dungeons are end-game content that will become available to you when you hit Combat Level 50 and Item Level 250, and this is just for the first level of these dungeons.

They are designed as an end-game activity for those players who have completed the main story and are looking for more challenging things to do.

You can enter a Chaos Dungeon in any of the big towns of Arkesia by approaching any of the Chaos Dungeon statues in these cities.

Note that you won't be allowed to grind them limitlessly, as you will be restricted to two Chaos Dungeon runs per day, but you'll get plenty of rewards upon completing these runs, such as Disorder Crystals, and other unique currencies, upgrade materials, and gear.

Farm Harmony Shard is The Tower
You can access Chaos Dungeon in any major town, near the kneeling angel statues. (Picture: Amazon)

Another end-game activity where you can farm Harmony Shards is The Tower. Complete as many levels as you can and among other things, you will be rewarded with Harmony Shard Pouches with various amounts of shards in them.

Keep in mind that both the Chaos Dungeon and The Tower are especially challenging end-game content, so make sure to be prepared before entering them.

Finally, various daily and weekly quests will sometimes grant you Harmony Shards, but this will be random and therefore not guaranteed, so it is definitely not the most reliable source of Harmony Shards, but it can absolutely help, and other rewards are useful as well.

With that being said, that's all you need to know about how to farm Harmony Shard fast in Lost Ark.


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