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Lost Ark Shadespire Tower guide – How to clear Floor 48

Stuck on Shadespire's Floor 48? We detail the best methods and items needed to defeat the boss before clearing the last floors in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Shadespire Tower guide – How to clear Floor 48

Lost Ark has many endgame activities players can grind through to progress their characters further. Towers are one of these endgame activities, which you can unlock once you’ve obtained Roster Level 50 and at minimum Item Level Requirement of 302.

Shadespire is one of the towers you’ll have access to, with 50 floors to clear. However, some players are stumped and unable to pass Floor 48. We detail how players can clear Shadespire Tower’s Floor 48, including the best methods and items to equip in Lost Ark.

What is the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark?

Shadespire is one of the first towers players will have unlocked as its the most important one to clear for your character progression. This tower, in particular, grants you rare items, Skill Point boosting potions and most importantly, Engravings.

lost ark guide shadespire tower floor 48 rewards engravings
You can receive various rewards upon clearing Shadespire Tower, including Engravings. (Picture: YouTube / Legacy Gaming)

Additionally, clearing this tower with your alternate characters rewards you with plenty of honing (upgrade) materials for your armour and weapons. Depending on the times you’ve cleared Shadespire Tower, the rewards you can earn will vary.

We suggest clearing this tower as your alternate character on your first try since you’ll be given honing materials on your main character instead. This helps progress your character faster as you want your main to reap the rewards of gaining honing materials.

How to clear Shadespire's Floor 48 in Lost Ark?

lost ark guide shadespire tower floor 48 how to clear tower explosion
Shadespire Tower is one of the Tier 1 endgame activities players can partake in. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

After addressing how vital clearing the Shadespire Tower is in Lost Ark in terms of rewards earned, let’s focus on how to best clear the tower’s Floor 48. Considered the trickiest floor throughout Shadespire, many players are stuck or confused about how to clear the floor successfully.

There are two viable methods to beat this floor before progressing through the remaining tower floors. The best option is to use Panacea and your ultimate or target the boss using grenades, for which either option will work.

The Panacea item is a consumable potion that you can obtain through looting chests or crafting. Before entering Floor 48, we advise equipping at least one Panacea potion, which you can use during the battle.

Once equipping, enter the floor’s battle arena and await the boss to spawn. At this point, you will be “silenced”, which prevents you from attacking momentarily.

lost ark guide shadespire tower floor 48 entering silenced no attacks
Upon entering the tower's Floor 48, you'll be silenced, preventing you from using any attacks for a certain time. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

After 3-4 seconds, when the debuff has been cleared, you can use the Panacea potion before using your ultimate or Awakening Skill to defeat the floor’s boss. Notably, it's possible to one-shot this boss as defeating it prevents other enemies from spawning.

The second method is to utilise grenades to bring down the floor’s boss. In this case, you will need the Flame and Frost Grenades to inflict continuous damage on the boss.

lost ark guide shadespire tower floor 48 frost grenades battle item equip
In the lobby, equip the Frost Grenades before entering Floor 48. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

However, similarly to what we’ve outlined previously, equip the Flame and Frost Grenades before entering the floor. Then, once “silenced” and after the boss has spawned, let the debuff clear before hurling grenades at the boss.

This method does take some time as you will have to deal with the enemies that spawn on this floor. The longer the battle continues, the more enemies you will deal with and get “silenced” a few times throughout this battle.

lost ark guide shadespire tower floor 48 enemies frost grenades battle items
Other enemies will spawn on this floor as you try to defeat the floor's boss. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Additionally, you can evade any enemy attacks by dodging out of harm’s way before using your grenades once again. Follow this method until the boss has been defeated, eliminating all enemies that have spawned on this floor.

From here, you can collect the floor’s rewards before moving on to clear the remaining tower floor and the entire tower itself.

We like to thank the YouTube channel RaZzi for the complete walkthrough on how to clear Shadespire’s Floor 48 in Lost Ark.


Featured image courtesy of Smielgate / Amazon Games.