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How to dive in Madden 22

Get the most out of the end of your run in Madden 22.
How to dive in Madden 22

In Madden 22, the simplest of mechanics can be the difference between winning and losing games. 

Like something as simple as the Quarterback Slide or a touch pass, diving is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of a player’s Madden repertoire. The move is simple yet highly effective for specific situations in any Madden title and the same goes for the 2022 instalment. 

Many new players, and even veterans, forget how to dive or just forget to utilize it. Today, we’ll go over how to dive and the right situations to use it in Madden 22. 

Diving in Madden 22

Madden 22
Diving can help reduce the chance of a fumble. (Picture: EA)

To execute a dive, all players need to do is hold a certain button. The button is as follows: 

  • For Xbox: Hold 'X' 

  • For PlayStation: Hold 'Square' 

It’s important to note the hold aspect of the keybind. If you only tap Square or X, then your player will slide and not dive as you intended. Also, you want to ensure that your quarterback is beyond the line of scrimmage if you’re trying to run with him. If he’s behind the line of scrimmage, then he will throw the ball to your X/Square receiver, which likely isn’t the best option if you’re trying to run. 

To ensure that your player dives and doesn’t slide, you want to make sure you hold the button for at least one second. This means you need to carve out time for the holding part of the dive. 

The right time to dive in Madden 22

Madden 22 how to dive
Diving can help reduce the chance of a fumble. (Picture: EA)

The best time to dive in Madden 22 is when your player is sprinting beyond the line of scrimmage and you need to pick up a couple of extra yards for a first down. Running into a defender might result in a hit stick or you not getting the yards you need. Conversely, sliding doesn’t give you the yardage that diving does. 

Also, diving can help with getting out of bounds. If you need to preserve the clock, you can dive out of bounds to ensure that you’re not tackled in bounds. However, you need to be close enough to the out of bounds marker or you’ll land in bounds. 


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