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How to make a RAC catch in Madden 22

Make sure your receiver catches the ball in a way that he can keep on running.
How to make a RAC catch in Madden 22

Have you had your receivers catch a ball in Madden 22 and then immediately fall down or stumble so that they don’t pick up any extra yardage? 

The problem has been happening since Madden began and players are still trying to figure out how to stop it years later. Luckily, there’s an easy fix to the issue and it’s called a RAC catch. RAC stands for “run after the catch” and it’s a type of catch that allows the receiver to keep on running after they’ve caught the ball. The catch keeps their momentum and makes them catch the ball in stride instead of stopping for it. 

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to pull off a RAC catch and the best time to use it in Madden 22. 

Making a RAC catch in Madden 

Madden 22 RAC catch
Running after the catch is important for any receiver. (Picture: EA)

Pulling off a RAC catch is extremely simple in Madden 22. The first step you need to take is pick a passing play and then hone in on the receiver you want to throw to. You can also call an audible at the line of scrimmage. The play you call should be some kind of slant or post route. 

Once your play is called, hike the ball and then wait for your intended receiver to get open. After he is, pass the ball and press the following buttons to have the receiver make a RAC catch: 

  • For Xbox: Press your receiver’s button and then 'X' 

  • For PlayStation: Press your receiver’s button and then 'Square'

By pressing 'X/Square', you make your receiver perform a RAC catch, which keeps their momentum going forward instead of slowing down to make the catch. 

The best time to use a RAC catch in Madden 22

Madden 22 RAC
Receivers can make a variety of catches in Madden 22. (Picture: EA)

A RAC catch is best used when your receiver has an open field in front of them. The catch should be mainly used against man-to-man coverage, as you usually won’t have a defender in front of you. This is pretty much the opposite of an aggressive catch. Using a RAC catch enables your receiver to utilize this open field and keep running after they’ve caught the ball. 

Routes where your receiver is a couple of steps in front of their defender and no other defender in front of them is when you want to use a RAC catch. 


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