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How to make an aggressive catch in Madden 22

Make sure to come down with the catch no matter what in Madden 22.
How to make an aggressive catch in Madden 22

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in Madden 22 is you make the perfect throw to a receiver and they drop the ball because of a pesky defender. 

Whether your receiver was in position to make the catch and didn’t or if the defender made a good play, there are ways to help ensure that your receiver pulls down the ball. The easiest way to do this is to have your receiver make an aggressive catch, which will allow them to overpower the defender and come down with the ball. 

If you’re unsure of what an aggressive catch entails or how to actually perform it in Madden 22, keep reading below for a full explanation of this mechanic. 

Making an aggressive catch in Madden 22 

Madden 22 aggressive catch
Aggressive catches make sure your receivers don’t drop the ball. (Picture: EA)

To make an aggressive catch in Madden 22, all you need to do is throw the ball to a receiver. This receiver can be in a high-traffic area or by themselves. Of course, the former situation is better for this mechanic but it truly doesn’t matter. 

The next step is to decide what kind of pass you want to throw. A touch pass or lob pass is best for this kind of catch. Finally, you need to hit the following buttons to come down with an aggressive catch: 

  • For Xbox: Press 'Y' with the highlighted receiver

  • For PlayStation: Press 'Triangle' with the highlighted receiver

By pressing this button with the receiver, you’re commanding them to make an aggressive catch. You’ll know they’ve done it by the ferocity they use when catching the ball. 

The best time to use an aggressive catch in Madden 22

Aggressive catch madden 22
Aggressive catches are best used in specific situations. (Picture: EA)

The best time to use an aggressive catch in Madden 22 is when your targeted receiver is surrounded by a defender or two. If they’re running a route that has some congestion, having the receiver perform an aggressive catch will have them overpower the defenders in coverage. 

The receiver will jump over the defenders and try to come down with the ball. Of course, this isn’t a guaranteed catch, as the receiver you’re throwing to needs a high catch stat to come down with the ball more frequently. Also, throwing to a taller or higher-rated receiver, like Julio Jones or Stefon Diggs, will net a higher success rate, as they can leap higher above the defenders. 

Still, this works with any receiver in Madden 22 and should always be used when you’re throwing to someone with good coverage around them. 


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