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Madden 22
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Madden 22 Official Ratings: Top 10 wide receivers, overrated and snubbed players

The official Madden ratings are rolling around and steam is building up as the best wide receivers in the league got officially rated.
One of the offseason favourite discussions is always about who got snubbed by the EA Sports executives as the official Madden ratings are announced.

It is very hard to keep everyone happy since it's hard to evaluate and rate over 1,800 players all over the country.

After announcing notable rookies and the first inductee to the Madden 99 Club, we are going to take a look at the best wide receivers in Madden 22, plus players who we think are overrated and players who got snubbed on this year’s game.

Top Ten wide receivers in Madden 22

Madden 22 Top 10 Wide Receivers
This group is led by Packers’ Wide Receiver Devante Adams. (Picture: EA Sports)

As we already covered how WR Devante Adams became the first member of Madden 22 99 Club, the rest of the group was also officialized a couple of hours later.

The top ten is completed as follows:

  • 98 OVR DeAndre Hopkins - Arizona Cardinals
  • 98 OVR Tyreek Hill - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 97 OVR Stefon Diggs - Buffalo Bills
  • 95 OVR Julio Jones - Tennessee Titans
  • 94 OVR Michael Thomas - New Orleans Saints
  • 93 OVR Keenan Allen - Los Angeles Chargers
  • 92 OVR Amari Cooper - Dallas Cowboys
  • 91 OVR Mike Evans - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 90 OVR Allen Robinson - Chicago Bears

We believe it is a very solid top ten but we still have some thoughts regarding some of the player’s attributes and rank among their fellow pass-catchers.

Cheetah had some notable lows last season

Madden Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill
The Cheetah is a great pass-catcher but a 98 overall seems like an exaggeration considering last season. (Picture: EA Sports)

The first player where we disagree on their official rating is Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill.

Just behind Devante Adams, he comes at a 98 OVR rating but the distances seemed bigger if we solely look at their last season performances

Hill shares similar stats with WR DK Metcalf who does not figure on this list, even the youngster surpassed Hill in key stats like receiving yards, yards per reception and first downs receiving.

Keenan Allen also seems a bit overrated as he did not surpass the 1,000 yards receiving on a team whose quarterback was sixth in the league in passing yards.

The rookie sensation was not considered a top ten aerial threat

Madden Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson
The rookie played like an elite veteran which seems to have gone unconsidered. (Picture: EA Sports)

What they did with Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson just feels wrong.

More receiving yards than Devante Adams, a better catch rate than Mike Evans, the second-best yard per reception rate in receivers with over 1,000 yards receiving.

The rookie did it all as he accounted for almost 23% of the Vikings’ total offence, all that as a rookie. 

The Atlanta Falcons speedster, Calvin Ridley, also seems to be underappreciated as he was outstanding even without Julio Jones absence in almost half of the games.

We will be alert as they continue to release more information regarding the official ratings in the upcoming days.

Be on the lookout as we will bring you everything you need to know about every Madden release, news, MUT tips and more.