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Madden 22 Ultimate Team Redux series: Item list, auction outlook, more.

The first eight items of the Limited Edition series now have a more affordable alternative that will give players a possibility to add them to their Madden Ultimate Team roster.
Madden 22 Ultimate Team Redux series: Item list, auction outlook, more.

Exclusivity is always a desirable trait and of course, this is witnessed constantly in item fantasy game modes like Madden Ultimate Team.

In Madden 22, this was taken to a whole new level as the Limited Edition series has released five batches of items that have that also happen to be the best quick sells in the game.

Of course, this meant that getting them in the auction house was an expensive experience, but this is precisely the issue that the Redux program will solve as they are now live in MUT

The Redux series is now live as an alternative to the LTD program in MUT

Madden 22 Warren Sapp Redux
The legendary defensive lineman was one of the most searched players when his LTD version hit the market. (Picture: EA Sports)

As you probably already knew, the reason the LTD items are so expensive is that you get 250,000 MUT coins whenever you quick sell them, which obviously gives you purchase power to go after other packs or items.

Nonetheless, players wanted these players because they also had fantastic ratings and attributes which will help virtually anybody who got them beyond the financial reasons.

Fortunately, the Redux program replicates the same ratings that their limited edition versions but with a training points quick sell instead of MUT coins.

Madden 22 Nick Chubb Redux
The Browns’ half back is now available and affordable for you to recruit him to your squad. (Picture: EA Sports)

This of course means that player items will be cheaper to get at the auction house although you can also luck out and get them within the packs available at the marketplace.

Only the first eight players that were added to the LTD program are now available in Redux versions:

  • 91 OVR HB Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns
  • 91 OVR DT Fletcher Cox - Philadelphia Eagles
  • 91 OVR FB Larry Csonka - Miami Dolphins
  • 91 OVR RG Leonard Davis - Arizona Cardinals
  • 91 OVR LOLB Kevin Greene - Los Angeles Rams
  • 91 OVR DT Warren Sapp - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 91 OVR TE Darren Waller - Baltimore Ravens
  • 91 OVR MLB Devin White - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Our best recommendation is to be patient as they just hit the market and their price is extremely inflated right now, but you should be able to find better prices next week.


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Featured image courtesy of  EA Sports