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Ultimate Kickoff becomes the latest program to debut on Madden 22 Ultimate Team

The beginning of the regular season of the NFL has also brought repercussions to the Madden Ultimate Team universe as the Ultimate Kickoff program is launched.
Ultimate Kickoff becomes the latest program to debut on Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Although many of us expected the release of Madden 22 with great anticipation there was another day marked in our calendar that we were eager to cross and it was the 2021 NFL Season Kickoff.

For us fans of the gridiron, we dreaded for the first game of the season to start and enjoy the shortest four months of our years because every year it takes a blink for us to be watching the Super Bowl halftime show.

For the fans of the virtual experience, this also means that a new series of items arrive at the Madden Ultimate Team universe with the release of the Ultimate Kickoff program.

The Ultimate Kickoff series will bring a full deck of player items to Madden Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Ultimate Kickoff Welcome Pack
To start off your Ultimate Kickoff collection you will receive a welcome pack as part of the Gridiron Club program. (Picture: EA Sports)

First a foremost, this would definitely not be a party without a gift and the Gridiron Club knows that as they welcomed us with a gift pack that includes an informational card item of the series plus an 82 OVR WR Calvin Johnson to boost your squad.

Different to other of the programs released lately this one comes with an abundance of items so just to give an idea we will list you all champions and heroes from this series:

  • 92 OVR Champion WR Julio Jones - Titans, Falcons
  • 91 OVR Champion WR Calvin Johnson - Lions
  • 91 OVR Champion FS Sean Taylor - Washington
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Desmond Trufant - Bears, Falcons, Lions
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Mike Hilton - Bengals, Steelers
  • 88 OVR Hero WR Emmanuel Sanders - Bills, Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, Saints
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Kyle Fuller - Broncos, Bears
  • 88 OVR Hero LE Jadeveon Clowney - Browns, Texans, Seahawks, Titans
  • 88 OVR Hero HB Giovani Bernard - Buccaneers, Bengals
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Malcolm Butler - Cardinals, Patriots, Titans
  • 88 OVR Hero C Corey Linsley - Chargers, Packers
  • 88 OVR Hero LG Joe Thuney - Chiefs, Patriots
  • 88 OVR Hero LT Eric Fisher - Colts, Chiefs
  • 88 OVR Hero SS Keanu Neal - Cowboys, Falcons
  • 88 OVR Hero WR Will Fuller V - Dolphins, Texans
  • 88 OVR Hero FS Anthony Harris - Eagles, Vikings
  • 88 OVR Hero HB Mike Davis - Falcons, 49ers, Seahawks, Bears, Panthers
  • 88 OVR Hero C Alex Mack - 49ers, Browns, Falcons
  • 88 OVR Hero WR Kenny Golladay - Giants, Lions
  • 88 OVR Hero WR Marvin Jones Jr. - Jaguars, Bengals, Lions
  • 88 OVR Hero RE Carl Lawson - Jets, Bengals
  • 88 OVR Hero DT Michael Brockers - Lions, Rams
  • 88 OVR Hero SS Adrian Amos - Packers, Bears
  • 88 OVR Hero WR David Moore - Panthers, Seahawks
  • 88 OVR Hero TE Hunter Henry - Patriots, Chargers
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Casey Hayward Jr - Raiders, Packers, Chargers
  • 88 OVR Hero QB Matthew Stafford - Rams, Lions
  • 88 OVR Hero RG Kevin Zeitler - Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Giants
  • 88 OVR Hero RE Payton Turner - Saints
  • 88 OVR Hero TE Gerald Everett - Seahawks, Rams
  • 88 OVR Hero RE Melvin Ingram III - Steelers, Chargers
  • 88 OVR Hero CB Desmond King II - Texans, Chargers, Titans
  • 88 OVR Hero LOLB Bud Dupree - Titans, Steelers
  • 88 OVR Hero DT Dalvin Tomlinson - Vikings, Giants
  • 88 OVR Hero WR Curtis Samuel - Washington, Panthers
Madden 22 Ultimate Kickoff Challenges
Make sure to complete the program´s challenges to earn MUT coins and other series collectables. (Picture: EA Sports)

Just like pretty much any other of the programs released in Madden Ultimate Team you can start your collection and also earn some MUT coins by completing the corresponding challenges.

You will be able to get at least six players of the program as rewards plus lots of MUT coins that will allow you to try to buy a pack or snatch an item on the auction house.

Our best advice is to strive for the Champion, WR Calvin Johnson as he will probably be as dominant as he was in the NFL which only makes us wonder what could have been if he would’ve played longer, at least in MUT that won´t be an issue.

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