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MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff recap: Rookie of the Year Jonbeast claims first title belt

The originative from Connecticut, Jonbeast, outlast the best Madden players in the world to become the first champion of this season of Madden Championship Series.
MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff recap: Rookie of the Year Jonbeast claims first title belt

The stage was set for it to allow the best Madden players in the world to face each other in fierce, intense battles to determine who was going to take home the first gold of the season.

Ex-champions like Drini and Joke were in the mix so it definitely was a challenge for the youngsters like DNT and Jonbeast to see an easy path towards the final game.

If you weren’t able to tune in throughout Tuesday and Wednesday for the Ultimate Kickoff playoffs streams do not worry as we will tell you how everything went down.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff brought a mouthful of instant Madden classic moments

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff Prizes
The chance of pocketing $40,000 USD and taking home a beautiful title belt was this event’s main prize. (Picture: EA Sports)

The first event of the Madden Championship Series season was nothing short of having great emotion as we witnessed amazing games throughout the whole tournament.

The stakes were high as beyond earning the respect of being the first champion of the year, the winner will also earn a $40,000 USD cash prize plus a championship belt to parade around.

The playoff involved the eight best-ranked players of Madden Championship Series as follows:

  • Drini
  • Henry
  • CleffTheGod
  • Joke
  • Fancy
  • Jonbeast
  • Canes

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Quarterfinal #1: #4 Joke VS #5 Fancy

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff Joke VS Fancy
Joke increased his win count as he overcame some unlucky plays and beat Fancy. (Picture: EA Sports)

The first match of Tuesday featured one of the biggest winners in the circuit in Joke who faces a Dallas Cowboys club champion Fancy.

Tension could be cut with a butter knife as the often brick wall defence of Joke could not stop Fancy from making play after play and marching down the field to score 27 points.

If you want to witness ice in the veins you can re-watch this game as Joke kick both a game-tieing and game-winning field goals with time expiring to advance on a 30-27 score.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Quarterfinal #2: #3 CleffTheGod VS #7 Canes

The second match also features an MCS veteran as Canes tried to take down the number three on the ranks: CleffTheGod.

The seasoned vet, Canes, appeared to have everything under control as he scored on two long plays by beating the safeties on top and even stopping Cleff at the one-yard line on fourth down to take a 14-0 lead.

Everything went downhill from there as Cleff scored 17 unanswered points to advance to the semifinals on a 17-14 score.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Quarterfinal #3: #2 Henry VS #8 DNTCAREABOUTICE

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff Henry VS DNTCAREABOUTICE
DNTCAREABOUTICE became the first underdog to win in the tournament as he took down the number two in the ranks: Henry. (Picture: EA Sports)

The underdogs ran the second half of the event as DNT provoked the first upset of the tournament by taking down the number two ranked player, Henry.

The turning point of the game came as Henry entered enemy territory and threw a bomb to Devin Hester who couldn’t secure the ball on a hit provoking an amazing interception.

After that DNT would not take the pedal off the gas as he never lost the lead again to take the win on a convincing 31-21 score.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Quarterfinal #4: #1 Drini VS #6 Jonbeast

Finally, it was time to see the number one ranked Madden player in the world take on last year’s best rookie which was anticipated to be a spectacular game, and it did not disappoint.

After an even first half that ended up tied at 14, Drini had a dreadful third quarter where he threw back to back interceptions that Jonbeast converted on touchdowns to take a 28-14 lead.

After that, the youngster managed the game clock and Drini tried to come back with no luck as he lost on a 28-31 score.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Semifinal #1: #3 CleffTheGod VS #4 Joke

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff CleffTheGod VS Joke
The defensive specialist, Joke, did not go out on his best day as Cleff marched down the field drive after drive. (Picture: EA Sports)

By Wednesday the semifinals were set and the first match will feature two long time Madden pros as the fourth-ranked Joke tried to take down the number three ranked CleffTheGod.

Unfortunately for the 2020 Madden Bowl champion, Cleff had the best game of the tournament as he looked flawless on both ends of the ball.

Cleff was unstoppable offensively and a brick wall defensively which led to the biggest point differential of the playoffs on a 31-13 final score punching the first ticket to the grand final.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Semifinal #2: #6 Jonbeast VS #8 DNTCAREABOUTICE

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff Jonbeast VS DNTCAREABOUTICE
The underdogs put on a defensive show as they ended up with the lowest-scoring game of the playoffs, with Jonbeast coming on top. (EA Sports)

The underdog battle promised to be a brutal encounter and that is exactly what we got from the two youngest players of the playoffs.

This affair was a methodical showcase as none of them wanted to make a single mistake so it came down to the first defensive stop, which partially came from Jonbeast as he forced DNT to kick a field goal and a score of 14-10.

After that, veteran clock management with a couple of first downs sealed the game in favour of Jonbeast to become an underdog one last time as he reach the grand final against CleffTheGod.

MCS 22 Ultimate Kickoff Grand Final: #3 CleffTheGod VS # 6 Jonbeast

Madden 22 MCS Ultimate Kickoff Jonbeast wins the title
Jonathan “Jonbeast” Marquez took down the first and third place on the ranks to take home his first MCS championship. (EA Sports)

The last game of the MCS Ultimate Kickoff tournament was everything a championship match should be as it cover the full spectrum of emotions during it.

The first half of the finals was very competitive as both teams were able to score two touchdowns apiece with Cleff having “one last possession” before halftime driving down the field to score a field goal leaving only 10 seconds on the clock. 

Jonbeast will not miss this opportunity which combined with a blown coverage leaving an open wide Devin Hester to score on the final play of the half and take a 21-17 lead.

Once again the second-half defensive play of Jonbeast rattled the favourite just like with Drini, as he forced a turnover on down and a forced fumble on consecutive Cleff drives.

With less than two minutes on the clock and the ball, Jonbeast took one last scare as he threw an interception on his own side of the field when he pressed a wrong route giving one last opportunity to CleffTheGod to tie the game.

The clutch defence came back one more time as Jonbeast kept the offence off the endzone, clinching the game and its first tournament win in the MCS circuit, bringing home 40K and a beautiful title belt.

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