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Madden 22
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Will there be cross-play in Madden 22?

The NFL season is nearly upon us and Madden 22 will be hitting shelves in the coming months. The impending release has gamers asking an age-old question, will there be cross-play in Madden 22?
The Madden 22 release is approaching quickly and the excitement is beginning to bubble over. Awaiting gamers are rushing to media outlets for any and all information they can squeeze out of EA Sports on the upcoming title.

This of course will be the first Madden title fully released in the post next-gen era. Madden 21 was released just months before next-gen consoles came out, and then had to be re-worked for a next-gen compatible version.

One of the pending questions from last years title was whether or not it would be cross-play compatible. While Madden 21 did not bring this feature to life, there is hope for cross-play in this years edition of the most popular EA Sports football franchise.

Madden22MVPEditionImage(Picture: EA Sports)

Cross-generation in Madden 22

The next-gen consoles released in the middle of the Madden 21 cycle, and a big worry for many gamers surrounded cross-generational capabilities. This of course was a hot topic due to progress made in Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise, and other game modes.

Thankfully, Madden 21 was cross-generation compatible and even offered a free next-gen upgrade to those who had already purchased the title. Given this information, we have no reason to believe why Madden 22 wouldn't be a cross-generational title, which is great to hear for many gamers.

The EA Sports cross-generation status leaves only one question, will Madden 22 be cross-platform compatible?

Cross-platform in Madden 22

At the time of writing, there is still no word from EA Sports on whether or not Madden 22 will operate in a cross-platform capacity. However, the Madden 22 team has spent the last few weeks spotlighting new features of the upcoming title.

It's entirely possible we could see the question of cross-platform status addressed directly by EA Sports in the coming weeks. It'll be worth tuning in to the next edition of Madden 22 All-Access on EA Sports various media outlets.

Make sure to keep up with our Madden 22 homepage, as we'll key you in with all the breaking developments leading up to the official Madden 22 release.