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Joe Burrow Loses Madden 24 X-Factor Same Day As Injury

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback went down with an injury, but the very same day his Madden 24 X-Factor got revoked.
Joe Burrow Loses Madden 24 X-Factor Same Day As Injury
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Talk about adding insult ahead of injury, it's just not been a great week for Joe Burrow. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback has struggled this year to really become the star many have expected, and the Joe Burrow Madden 24 rating and X-Factor abilities continue to feel that impact.

As the NFL season reaches halftime, EA have dropped a mid-season update with some key changes for several players. Unfortunately, none of the Madden 24 news is good for Joe Burrow.

Joe Burrow Madden 24 Rating Drops, X-Factor Removed

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Coming off a Super Bowl loss is never an easy way to start the season, but injuries have become the bane of Joe Burrow's existence this year. Before the regular season even began, back when Madden 24 wasn't even out yet, Joe Burrow suffered a right calf strain during training camp.

Despite struggling with the calf issue, Burrow managed to start the season with the Bengals. Unfortunately, it was very clear early on that he wasn't quite at a hundred percent. Burrow struggled to be as deadly on the ground as he had been in the past, but now an even bigger issue has appeared.

After being seen in a now-deleted post wearing a brace or soft cast on his throwing hand, Burrow wasn't listed on the injury report only to end up going down with a right wrist injury during the game. The deleted post has stirred up some drama, but it's just more bad news for Joe Burrow fans using him in Madden 24.

Going down this week is likely to signal yet another ratings drop, but Burrow is already down again in the latest Madden 24 ratings update. After starting the year at 95 OVR, Burrow slid to 91 OVR by Week 7 only to use a few strong showings to put him back at 94 OVR just a week ago.

Sadly, the Week 10 Madden 24 Ratings Update brought things in the wrong direction as Burrow takes a dip in Awareness that sent him back to 93 OVR. With the way the latest game went down, we'll probably see an Injury rating dip for him as well.

To only add one more bit of salt to the wound, the latest Madden 24 update has removed Joe Burrow's X-Factor ability. Things could change if Burrow heals up and turns things around for the Bengals, but right now his Madden 24 stock is all downhill.