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Madden 24 sale offers players more than a 50% discount

Get ready to hit the virtual gridiron thanks to this Madden 24 sale offering players more than half off the recent release.
Madden 24 sale offers players more than a 50% discount

Less than three months after it went live worldwide, the latest installment in the longstanding franchise is cheaper than ever for players who still wanna give Madden 24 a shot. If the price tag at launch was too much, now might be the perfect time to grab the game at the best value.

Don't wait too long, as this limited time offer is sure to vanish, but we'll let players know exactly where the Madden 24 sale is happening. On top of the discount details, there's actually a way to try the game for free before you commit to buying it on sale.

Madden 24 sale offers players more than a 50% discount

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After launching back in August of this year, Madden 24 is already seeing their biggest sale of the season. While we're not quite at the Black Friday deals period of the holidays, key discounts on Madden 24 and other games can pop up all throughout the year.

Right now, players can score Madden 24 for more than 50% off right now on Amazon, but only on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Sadly, the sale doesn't extend to the PC or Xbox One versions of the game and is specific to the physical edition of Madden 24.

Here are the best Madden 24 discounts right now:

  • Madden 24 Standard Edition on PS4 for $29.99 (57% off)
  • Madden 24 Standard Edition on PS5 for $34.99 (50% off)
  • Madden 24 Standard Edition on Xbox Series X|S for $34.99 (50% off)

All three versions can be found at this link on Amazon, but don't wait too long because they've not specified when the sale could end. All we know for certain is this is the cheapest the game has been since launch, and it may not dip this low for several more weeks.

If you're still unsure, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscribers also have access to a free 10-hour time limited trial of Madden 24. Give the game a shot, and if you're enjoying it then you'll know it's time to take advantage of the latest Madden 24 deal.