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Madden 23 Top 10 Running Backs - Ratings Reveal

It's time for EA Sports to unveil the best of the best in another important position group, here are the Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 23.
Madden 23 Top 10 Running Backs - Ratings Reveal

We're rolling right along into Madden season as the pre-release hype is building higher and higher. Madden 23 will be the first title in the series after the death of John Madden, so it's fully expected that game developers EA Sports will be going above and beyond to make this year's Madden a memorable one.

To help set the stage for the upcoming drop, EA has been unveiling the top 10 players at various position groups. Running Backs are always important to Madden gameplay, and many are among the most popular players in the NFL. Let's have a look at the Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 23 after the recent ratings reveal.

Madden 23 Ratings Reveal - Top 10 Running Backs

Madden 23 Derrick Henry stiff arm Darius Leonard
King Henry is at the top of the food chain as far as Madden 23 Running Backs. (Picture: EA Sports)

EA Sports is continuing along with the annual ratings reveals as we inch closer and closer to the release of Madden 23. Top of the list is the Titan's Derrick Henry after he was just recently crowned by his peers as the best Running Back in the NFL.

Nick Chubb of the Browns comes in at second in the rankings as he continues to produce year over year in a tough AFC North division. Another notable ranking, Christian McCaffrey has slid to third in the rankings after only a few short seasons ago he was joining the Madden 99-Club.

Here's the rest of the list making up the Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 23.

Madden 23 Top 10 Running Backs

  1. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans - 97 OVR
  2. Nick Chubb - Cleveland Browns - 96 OVR
  3. Christian McCaffrey - Carolina Panthers - 96 OVR
  4. Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts - 95 OVR
  5. Dalvin Cook - Minnesota Vikings - 94 OVR
  6. Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals - 93 OVR
  7. Alvin Kamara - New Orleans Saints - 90 OVR
  8. Aaron Jones - Green Bay Packers - 89 OVR
  9. Austin Ekeler - Los Angeles Chargers - 88 OVR
  10. Ezekiel Elliot - Dallas Cowboys - 88 OVR

Many fans were shocked to see Jonathan Taylor at 4th on the list after his outstanding 2021-2022 campaign. However, this is fairly typical of EA Sports to be a bit slower to shift up the rankings too drastically after just one season leading the league in rushing. It also seemed a bit of a surprise to see Alvin Kamara at only 90 OVR, though he is coming off an injury-riddled campaign that saw him unavailable for large stretches of time.

Christian McCaffrey Madden 23 Top 10 Running Backs
Christian McCaffrey will look to get back on track in Carolina this season. (Picture: EA Sports)

That's everything you need to know now about the Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 23. We'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest ratings reveals as they continue to become available.

Make sure to check out the rest of our Madden section for all the best game guides, roster update information, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.