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How To Use Escape Gates And Extract In Marauders

Learn how to use the Escape Gate in Marauders and extract from the area so you can keep all the loot you plunder in space.
How To Use Escape Gates And Extract In Marauders

The only part of Marauders that is just as important as looting equipment is making the final extraction through the Escape Gate. But if you know anything about extraction games, reaching the escape zone isn't always as easy as it seems.

Compared to games like Escape From Tarkov, getting to the extraction zone is much less stressful. Your ship certainly plays a major factor in your escape. That said, finding how to leave can still be an odd process for new players in Marauders. This guide details how to bring all that precious space loot back to your locker in one piece.

Marauders - How to extract using Escape Gates

Escape Gate marauders how to extract
Enter the Escape Gate to extract from the match. (Picture: Team17)

When you spawn into Marauders, you'll first see the inside of your ship. However, once you take over as the pilot, you'll go into third-person, allowing you to see the entire area. In the center is the main map objective where you will port; you'll also find space junk and asteroids all around you, most of which are broken metal or sentry turrets you can destroy.

You can find the Escape Gate in this asteroid field; it's recognizable by its half-built structure, with a yellow portal in the center, making them relatively easy to spot. You can extract via the portals of these gates in Marauders. Notably, you can find the Escape Gate on the outskirts of the asteroid field on every map.

Any spacecraft that goes through the portal will end the respective match. So even if you take an escape pod from the back of the ship, you can still use this to extract through the Escape Gate. However, what makes this difficult is leaving the main map area and not getting shot down by another ship.

Escape Pod how to extract in marauders
Use the Escape Pod to reach the gate if your ship is disabled. (Picture: Team17)

If you are brand new to the game, you may be confused about how leaving the main area for extraction works. Once you dock on the center map and have looted what you need, you must find your unique hangar. Otherwise, you will need another Captain card from a player corresponding to their hangar.

When you decompress the hangar and head back into your ship, taking over as a pilot will immediately bring you back to the third-person view in space. Remember that the Escape Gate is always in one location on each map, usually near asteroid fields.

As you approach the gate for extraction, watch out for any other Marauders in the area. They can still disable your ship and board it to take your loot. The match isn't over until you're safe at your locker.

And that's all. For more epic content, check out our section dedicated to the latest Marauders news, guides, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Team17.