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Mario Strikers Battle League Strikers Club – How to join, create or kick players

Here's how to create and join a Strikers Club and dominate your opponents in competitive play to earn rewards in Mario Strikers: Battle League.
Mario Strikers Battle League Strikers Club – How to join, create or kick players

Mario Strikers: Battle League's Strikers Club is a mode where players can join or create their teams. Being part of a Club has its perks, like earning currency by participating in seasonal matches, improving your Club ranking, and acquiring uniform cosmetics.

As an owner, Strikers Mode has a management tool where you can supervise your team and appearance. This guide will explain how to create or join a Club and detail the management options available in Mario Strikers: Battle League, like removing players.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How to create a Strikers Club

If you want to become the manager of your own Club, then creating one is the best way to achieve this goal. Starting a Club allows you to make all the decisions for your team, including setting its team name, home stadium, preferred region, and plenty more.

mario strikers battle league strikers club guide how to create
You can select from the available stadiums to choose as your home stadium for your Club. (Picture: Nintendo)

Navigate to the Strikers Club main menu and press the Y button to create a new Club. You will be brought to a new screen where you can start completing a few general Club settings, like choosing its name (up to a maximum of 14 characters).

Additionally, you can choose your Club's policy and set the joining conditions, where a maximum of 20 players can join at any given moment.

Once you've settled on the Club name, policy, and conditions, you can begin to further enhance your Strikers Club by choosing your team's appearance. You can select the Club's uniform pattern, colors, and logo; however, you're free to change the team's appearance as often as possible.

All Club settings can be changed at any point as a Club owner to fit the demands of your team. Additionally, owners can upgrade their home stadium by customizing it using an exclusive in-game currency, Bolts, to purchase upgrades.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How to remove players from a Strikers Club

Managing your Strikers Club can also extend to kicking Club members that aren't pulling their weight or for other unspecified reasons. To remove them from your Club, head to the Club Roster sub-menu, browse for the member's name, and hit Y to kick them off your team.

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How to join a Strikers Club

Free agents looking for a Strikers Club to join can utilize the Search Club option to browse for available teams. You can search for Clubs based on conditions, recommended Clubs, and Club Code that matches their gameplay experience.

mario strikers battle league strikers club guide how to join
You can join a Club and compete in matches to earn Coins and Bolts. (Picture: Nintendo)

Club owners can view their Strikers Club Code by pressing Y on the Joy-Con, which they can share with friends to join their Club.

Before joining, you can browse the Club settings for all or specific requirements that fit your gameplay needs. Furthermore, owners can review and change their Club settings once it's created from the Strikers Club main menu.

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