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Mario Strikers Battle League - How to unlock Galactic Mode Championship Cup

Mario Strikers: Battle League boasts a competitive Cup Battle system. Here's how to unlock the coveted Galactic Mode.
Mario Strikers Battle League - How to unlock Galactic Mode Championship Cup

Nintendo's latest sport-like soccer game, Mario Strikers: Battle League, has finally been released and is the third installment of the Mario Strikers series, the first of which was released for the Gamecube in 2005.

In addition to its typical Quick Battle mode, up to four players can verse each other in a competitive double-elimination tournament structure called Cup Battles, featuring Normal and Galactic difficulty modes for those seeking more of a challenge.

This guide outlines how to unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League, allowing would-be challengers to flex their skills and take their game to the next level.

How to unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League

As mentioned earlier, the Cup Battles system sees players attempt to outwit and outplay their opponents in a double-elimination tournament. Winning these tournaments earns you Coins, which you can use to purchase gear for your characters and other things.

how to unlock galactic cup battle in mario strikers battle league
To unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League, you must complete all the Cup Battles at Normal Difficulty. (Picture: Nintendo)

There are different types of Cup Battles in Mario Strikers: Battle League, and completing each of them will unlock Galactic Mode. We have listed each of them below.

  • Cannon Cup
  • Chain Cup
  • Turbo Cup
  • Muscle Cup
  • Trick Cup
  • Championship Cup *

Note that you will only unlock the Championship Cup Battle once you have progressed through all other Cup Battles. Assuming you're consistent with your gameplay, you can easily complete all the Cup Battles within a few days.

Before unlocking Galactic Mode, you would have completed each of the Cup Battles mentioned above at Normal Difficulty. However, once Galactic Mode is unlocked, you'll find the games a lot more challenging. This is because Galactic Mode is the "Hard Mode" of the Cup Battle system.

how to earn more rewards coins galactic mode mario strikers battle league
Once you have unlocked Galactic Mode, you can do more Cup Battles to earn even more Coins. (Picture: Nintendo)

But don't worry -- it's not all without reward. Winning your first Cup Battle in Galactic Mode will net you 1,000 Coins, with each additional Cup Battle victory earning you 100 Coins. Once you've completed Galactic Mode, you will receive an extra 1,000 Coins, netting you 2,600 Coins.

Once you have completed all the cups, starting from the Cannon Cup to Trick Cup in Galactic Mode, you'll unlock the Galactic Mode of the Championship Cup.

That's everything you need to know about how to unlock Galatic Mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.