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Mario Strikers Battle League – How to cancel Charged Tackles or Shots

Learn how to use a Canceled Charged Tackle in Mario Strikers: Battle League to gain ball possession and an advantage over your opponents.
Mario Strikers Battle League – How to cancel Charged Tackles or Shots

Mario Strikers: Battle League allows players to masterfully assemble their best team set-up and devise plans to guide them to victory. While offensive play can help in besting the opposing team with a flurry of goals, like in football, you’ll also need to lay defensively to prevent them from equalizing.

One of the ways you can best play defense is by using canceled shots or tackles to throw opposing players off. Here’s the foolproof way to cancel charged shots or tackles in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers Battle League – How to cancel Charged Tackles or Shots

Playing defense is yet another way to prevent the ball from landing in the back of your goalpost net or trip players up to gain possession of the ball. While facing a team of four Yoshis isn’t ideal, you can overwhelm your opponents by being as unpredictable as possible.

mario strikers battle league cancelled charged tackles shots mario
You can use Cancelled Charged Tackles as a defensive strategy to throw opponents off. (Picture: Nintendo)

Using Charged Shots and Tackles is an Advanced Move that players will use to land the ball into the goalpost net for the winning finish. Similarly, they can trick players into thinking a goal is about to be scored when this move is canceled.

During a Charged Tackle, press the R or B buttons to cancel the Charged Tackle. Canceling the Charged Tackle will have your character perform a dodging or passing move which can cause your opponent to trip up.

mario strikers battle league football pitch how to charged tackles shots
Use the R or B buttons to cancel the Charged Tackle and gain the upper hand. (Picture: Nintendo)

Don’t forget to use the Left Analog Stick when canceling the Charged Tackle to aim where you want to perform the Charged Tackle canceling. Additionally, it will help you remain to have ball possession until you can use a Charged Shot to fire the ball into the back of the net.

It’s worth remembering that canceling Charged Tackles isn’t always needed, as you can simply perform a regular tackle to gain possession. Likewise, character selection is also important as choosing high Strength characters will have more power to tackle opponents just by using a regular tackle.

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