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Pokimane shows love to the FGC, joins #FreeMVC2 movement

After becoming RTS co-founder, Pokimane now partly owns Evo, the biggest fighting game competition in the world.
Pokimane shows love to the FGC, joins #FreeMVC2 movement

In a crossover no one expected to see, Twitch icon Imane "Pokimane" Anys has shown support for the fighting game community and the #FreeMvC2 movement.

It all started this 27th October, when Poki unveiled, after teasing fans mentioning it would be a career-changing announcement, she had become co-founder and chief creative officer of RTS, a talent management and brand consulting firm.

RTS, alongside Sony, revealed the acquisition of Evolution Championship Series back in March, on a co-venture in hopes of reviving the most prestigious fighting game event amid the COVID-19 pandemic and allegations of sexual misconduct against the former owner, Joey Cuellar.

pokimane supports free mvc2
Marvel vs Capcom 2 is one of the most iconic fighting games to exist. (Picture: Capcom)

As soon as the FGC connected the dots, they were amazed to see Pokimane is now partially an Evo co-owner and started joking about said fact, begging the influencer to "bring back Marvel," specifically MvC2, which is currently unavailable to purchase via any legal means unless you hunt out a physical copy for Dreamcast, Xbox, or PS2.

Poki took to her alternate Twitter account to address the pleads of the FGC by simply tweeting the hashtag #FreeMVC2, which was enough for the community to feel acknowledged. 

The hashtag was created by FGC influencer Maximilian "Maximilian Dood" Christensen, an avid fighting game content creator, who has been rallying the community behind the cause for months.

pokimane rts evo co owner
Can Poki bring Mahvel back? (Picture: Pokimane)

MvC2 was set to make an Evo comeback in 2020, just in time to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary, sadly, between COVID and the aforementioned allegations, the event was scrapped entirely, with Marvel nowhere in sight during Evo 2021

With Evo 2022 already confirmed to take place in Las Vegas, there's a slim chance Marvel vs Capcom 2 could make it into the lineup, especially when someone like Pokimane, who could have a direct influence on the event, knows about the popularity of the iconic fighting game. 


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Featured image courtesy of Pokimane.