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How to get the Morph Ball upgrade in Metroid Dread

The iconic Samus ability is key to unravel Dread's biggest secrets.
How to get the Morph Ball upgrade in Metroid Dread

Nintendo fans are rejoicing after the release of Metroid Dread this past 8th October, being the newest entry in the 2D franchise since Fusion released in 2002.

In typical Metroid fashion, players will navigate diverse biomes filled with secrets and puzzles to crack, as well as a plethora of upgrades to aid you along the way, with the Morph Ball making its return.

Perhaps Samus' most iconic ability, Morph Ball, is a key ingredient to the exploration and backtracking recipe cooked up by MercuryStream, the developers behind Metroid Dread. 

Let's not waste more time and tell you everything you need to know about getting the Morph Ball ability in Metroid Dread. Goes without saying, but if you're looking to avoid spoilers, you may want to stop reading as there are slight ones ahead. 

Where to find Morph Ball in Metroid Dread

You'll find the Morph Ball in Cataris. (Picture: Nintendo)

To find the Morph Ball ability, you'll need to reach Cataris. You'll know you're close to getting it if you've already acquired the following abilities and suits.

  • Wide Beam
  • Charge Beam
  • Phantom Cloak
  • Power Suit
  • Spider Magnet
The green EMMI will drop the ability. (Picture: Nintendo)

You'll start being chased by the green EMMI, the hunting robots chasing Samus throughout the game; similarly to other robots, you'll need to put it down by using the Omega Cannon.

Find the Central Unit of Cataris and load up the Omega Cannon to deal with the EMMI. Remember, shoot for the glowy red eye. 

Once you have defeated the green EMMI, Samus will absorb its power, and the Morph Ball will be yours!

If you still feel like you need some help, we have plenty of Metroid guides coming right up, so stick to our dedicated section for all the content.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.