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How Dream leaked collab with McDonald’s was faked

UK-based YouTuber, Liam Bedford, revealed that the “leaked” McDonald's collaboration with Minecraft speedrunner, Dream, was a sham. I’m not lovin’ it.
How Dream leaked collab with McDonald’s was faked

For those who don’t know, Dream is a YouTuber best known for his Minecraft videos and all the drama surrounding his controversial speedruns. He is also an enigma who has yet to ever publicly reveal his face; something which he has been postponed until after the coronavirus pandemic.

At present, he boasts a combined following of over 32 million fans, with a view count of over 2.2 billion. Beyond this, he is also known to produce his own music and even has a line of clothing merchandise. It would therefore make sense for him to have landed a lucrative partnership deal with McDonald’s - or did he?

Dream x McDonald's faked collab

Well, as you may have guessed, that certainly was not the case. Following an ingenious (but fake) McDonald’ promotional campaign, YouTuber Liam Bedford suckered Dream’s entire fanbase into thinking that he landed a collaborative deal at the establishment.

McDonald’s have previously collaborated with influencers, including Travis Scott, BTS and even Rick and Morty. So it wouldn’t be totally unbelievable for McDonald’s to partner with a popular YouTuber.

dream mcdonalds collab faked liam bedford youtuber minecraft(Picture: Liam Bedford)

Bedford executed his prank nearly perfectly, creating an entirely fake marketing campaign (including professional lookalike ads) for a Dream-inspired McDonald’s meal.

He proceeded to ‘leak’ the campaign online, using an alt account on Tiktok. Of course, the prank quickly gained momentum, which was paralleled by increasing scepticism by fans on Twitter.

In Bedford’s defence, the campaign did look rather convincing. It’s also not the first time Bedford pranked Dream, having previously turned the Dream SMP into a best-selling book. You can watch the video of this prank below.

Is Dream McLovin’ it?

Right now, it’s difficult to gauge whether the prank was well received by Dream or not, since no official statement has been made. There does not seem to be any indication that the prank was done in bad taste, however, so we’re sure Dream will take it with a smile. 

In case you’re interested, you can watch the reveal video below. Be sure to let us know what you think of the prank. 

We can likely expect a response video from Dream sometime soon.

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