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Netflix Games - How to play and all supported devices

Netflix has launched a new library of video games. Here's how to play and install Netflix Games on Android and Apple iOS devices.
Netflix Games - How to play and all supported devices

Since launching in November 2021, Netflix Games has seen a variety of mobile gaming titles join its exclusive library. In addition, the company recently revealed a dozen more game releases at the Geeked Week event, including Shadow And Bone: Destinies, The Queen's Gambit: Chess, and Poinpy.

Understandably, many avid gamers are rushing to get their hands on these games. If this is you, but you don't know where to start, don't worry. This guide will outline how to play and install Netflix Games, and all supported Android and iOS devices.

How to play and install Netflix Games?

You can find, play, and install a selection of Netflix Games from within the app on either most modern Android or Apple devices. We've outlined the steps the find and install Netflix Games below.

Instructions for Android users

You can find Netflix Games on Android phones and tablets by looking for the "Games" tab at the bottom of the Netflix App or tapping on the Netflix Games row on the home screen. Next, browse the vast library of games and tap "Get Game" to install a game.

how to find and install netflix games android ios supported devices
Netflix Games comprises a collection of unique titles and games based on several popular Netflix Original Series. (Picture: Netflix)

The app will then direct you to the Google Play Store. Then, tap on "Install," and depending on your chosen game and device settings, accept the required permissions. Once the game has been installed, tap "Open" and select your account profile. Note that you can open the game from your device's home screen or within the Netflix Games menu to start playing.

Instructions for Apple iOS users

The process of playing and installing Netflix Games is similar on iOS. First, select "Netflix Games" from the home screen of the Netflix app. Then, choose a game you want to install and tap "Get Game." When the App Store opens, select "Get" or tap the Cloud icon to download and install the game.

Netflix is working on a game based on The Queen's Gambit series
Netflix is working on a game based on The Queen's Gambit series. (Picture: Netflix)

Once the game has been installed, you can launch the game by tapping "Open." Again, you can open the game from your device's home screen or within the Netflix App. The game will launch using the Netflix account's primary profile, so you must tap the "Profile" icon to switch profiles.

Note: You can also search for a game directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Unfortunately, Netflix Games is not available in Kids profiles.

What devices support Netflix Games?

Netflix Games will only run on compatible devices. Android users will require a phone or tablet device running Android version 8.0 or later. In contrast, Apple users will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS/iPadOS version 15.0 or later.

netflix games supported android apple ios devices
Nearly all titles on Netflix Games will play on most modern devices. (Picture: Netflix via TheStreet)

Beyond this, an active Netflix subscription and internet connection are required to download and install Netflix Games. While most games should run without a hitch, some titles will have additional requirements; however, you'll need to check their respective Netflix Games pages for details.

That concludes our guide on how to play and install Netflix Games.

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Featured image courtesy of Netflix.