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All Layered Weapons In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2

In the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 Update, brand new Layered Weapons will be making an appearance in the game.
All Layered Weapons In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2

With the launch of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 Update, the game has a lot of new content available for hunters to check out. New hunts and new mechanics have been added to the game.

If you are on the hunt for new Afflicted Monsters, you are going to want to look the part. In the Sunbreak Title 2 Update, hunters can now enjoy new layered weapons as a part of the update.

What Are Layered Weapons In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise Layered Weapons
Layered Weapons give your weapons the cosmetic upgrade that you have been looking for. (Picture: Capcom)

To put it simply, Layered Weapons work very similarly to Layered Armor. Layered Armor has been in the base game since Monster Hunter Rise was first released.

Capcom realized that not everyone is going to like the look of certain armor while they hunt for monsters, despite them being functionally useful. So to compensate, they introduced the Layered Armor mechanic.

Layered Armor is the ability to put cosmetic armor on top of armor. Essentially, hunters are cosmetically switching out the armor they are currently wearing to look like a different set while keeping the stats of the original armor.

This allows you to freely customize what you will look like while hunting in the field without having to sacrifice your armor stats. The same can now be done for weapons.

Previously, only rampage weapons could be Layered Weapons. With this Title 2 update, now all weapons can be Layered Weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise Title 2 Update Lost Code Layered Weapons DLC
Take a look at the Lost Code Layered Weapons that are available as paid DLC in the most recent Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 Update. (Picture: Capcom)

On top of the update, Capcom also released paid DLC for players to purchase new Layered Weapons. These are the "Lost Code" Layered Weapons, which will make any weapon you choose to look like a weapon from the future.

The Lost Code Weapons are as follows:

  • Lost Code Great Sword
  • Lost Code Long Sword
  • Lost Code Sword & Shield
  • Lost Code Dual Blades
  • Lost Code Lance
  • Lost Code Gunlance
  • Lost Code Hammer
  • Lost Code Hunting Horn
  • Lost Cod Switch Axe
  • Lost Code Charge Blade
  • Lost Code Insect Glaive
  • Lost Code Light Bowgun
  • Lost Code Heavy Bowgun
  • Lost Code Bow

Each individual Lost Code weapon cost $2.49 as paid DLC or you can purchase the bundle for $13.99. You do not have to purchase the Lost Code Weapons set DLC to use the Layered Weapon mechanic. You are now free to use the Layered Weapon mechanic on any of your weapons.

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All featured images are courtesy of Capcom.