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MHR Sunbreak Flaming Espinas - Abilities, Habitat, Weaknesses

For anyone who wants to know what abilities the Flaming Espinas has in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, check out our guide to learn more about this beast.
MHR Sunbreak Flaming Espinas - Abilities, Habitat, Weaknesses

With the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 update now available, hunters have a slew of new monsters to take on. One of the monsters that you can hunt now is the Flaming Espinas.

Knowing what skills you need to bring to the hunt is essential to ensure victory. That is why we are here to inform you on what to expect going up against the Flaming Espinas.

What To Expect From Flaming Espinas

Flaming Espinas Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2
The Flaming Espinas has a slew of poison attacks that it can attack you with during your hunt. (Picture: Capcom)

The Flaming Espinas is a Flying Wyvern class of monster. Similar class monsters include the Rathian, Rathalos, and Khezu.

In fact, out of all the new monsters you will be challenging in the Title 2 update, the Flaming Espinas will likely feel the most familiar to you. The Flaming Espinas has a similar movement and attack pattern as the Rathian. Of course, it is not one-to-one the same, so it will help to be cautious.

The first thing to note with the Flaming Espinas is where it lives. If you are looking for this monster, you will need to search for it at Forlorn Arena. That is the habitat of the Flaming Espinas.

Now that you are familiar with the habitat, the next thing to note is its abilities. There are a lot of ailments that the Flaming Espinas can afflict you with. Here is a list of ailments that you could be potentially hit by:

  • Fireblight
  • Poison
  • Defense Down
  • Movement Down

In particular, you will probably have to watch out for poison the most. Even the fire attacks produced by the Flaming Espinas could potentially poison you. The best way to prep for this monster is to make sure you have overall good defensive armor and have Herbal Medicine ready.

Flaming Espinas Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 Flaming Espinas Weakness
Whether you hunt with friends or alone, you should gear up and be prepared to take on the dangerous Flaming Espinas. (Picture: Capcom)

If you are hit with fireblight, use a deodorant or use a Wiredash quickly. Getting hit with this ailment will make you lose a majority of your health.

If you want an easier time defeating this monster, you should consider using water attacks against it as the Flaming Espinas is weak to water. Use water attacks to make the hunt go smoother.

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All featured images are courtesy of Capcom.