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All New Afflicted Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2

Following the release of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2 update, there are new Afflicted Monsters that you can hunt.
All New Afflicted Monsters In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2 patch just launched and features a slew of new Afflicted Monsters available to hunt. As a result, Hunters are presented with a new challenge they can look forward to in the update.

Alongside these new monsters, such as the Flaming Espinas, Afflicted Monsters are a callback to older monsters with the Affliction mechanic introduced with the launch of the Sunbreak expansion.

Here, we will detail which Afflicted Monsters were added in the Title 2 Update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All New Afflicted Monsters In MHR Sunbreak Title 2

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title 2 Update Afflicted Monsters
Here are all the new Afflicted Monsters you can hunt in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title 2. (Picture: Capcom)

Afflicted Monsters were introduced at the launch of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and have a much higher health pool than their base counterparts. In addition, these monsters cannot be captured (i.e., must be killed) and can all hit you with the Bloodblight effect.

For the uninitiated, Bloodblight is a status effect that also launched with Sunbreak, reducing natural health recovery and health granted by potions and other recovery items.

However, the Bloodblight status effect also allows you to heal through attacking. So having equipment that gives you the Recovery Up effect will allow you to heal through dealing damage much faster while you have the Bloodblight status effect on you.

In the previous update, these monsters were available through both Anomaly Investigation quest and Anomaly Quests. Before, you could only get up to 5-Star Anomaly Quests. In the Title 2 Update, 6 Star Anomaly Quests are unlocked.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly research level
The Title 2 Update also raises the Anomaly Research level all the way to level 120. (Picture: Capcom)

Here are the new Afflicted Monsters available in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 2 as 6-star Anomaly Quests:

  • Afflicted Espinas
  • Afflicted Rajang
  • Afflicted Gore Magala
  • Afflicted Pyre Rakana-Kadaki
  • Afflicted Bazelgeuse

On top of adding new Afflicted Monsters, Hunters can also take on more challenging Anomaly Investigations. Previously, the max level for these Investigations was Level 100; however, after the Title 2 update, Anomaly Investigations can now go up to level 120.

What this means is that there are more challenging hunts for Hunters to take on and more higher-level Afflicted Materials for you to collect as well. This will greatly increase what you craft for your hunts.

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All featured images are courtesy of Capcom.