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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Heavy Bowgun Build And Skills

Ranged weapons like the Heavy Bowgun are at the top of the meta in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Here's the best build and skills for it.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Heavy Bowgun Build And Skills

Ranged weapons have become the meta options in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, and the Heavy Bowgun is at the top of the rankings entirely. Bowguns in particular are being used by teams to absolutely decimate monsters in the fastest time possible with plenty of damage output.

On top of the fast hunting times, the Heavy Bowgun presents an opportunity for some of the safest combat in the game. Not only do all ranged weapons provide a distance barrier, but the comeback of the shield build has made flinching far less relevant.

Now gunners of all kinds have huge windows to attack and evade like never before and the right build can make the weapon a walk in the park.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Best Heavy Bowgun Build

Heavy Bowgun
The Heavy Bowgun has become dominant in Sunbreak. (Picture: Capcom)

There are a few different types of Heavy Bowgun builds that you can focus on in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Most weapon types need to be focused around elemental damage or raw damage that can be used for nearly any monster. Bowguns, and the Heavy type, in this case, can choose between Piercing, Spread, or elemental in some cases.

For this build, we are going to focus on the Spread ammo in the game that can destroy monsters in a large area. It also makes aggression more viable. Piercing or Slicing ammo can still be used or interchanged depending on the hunt, but Spread is the main priority.

Below you will find five main armor slots that can help with your build, along with some additional options and Bowguns.

  • Rakna Helm X - Spread Up Lvl 1, Reload Speed Lvl 1, and Tune-Up Lvl 1.
  • Rakna Mail X - Reload Speed Lvl 2, Spare Shot Lvl 1, Spread Up Lvl 1.
  • Malzeno Braces - Attack Boost Lvl 2, Bright Resistance Lvl 1, Wirebug Whisperer Lvl 1.
  • Rakna Coil - Spare Shot Lvl 1, Spread Up Lvl 1, Tune-Up Lvl 1.
  • Grand God's Peer Feet - Flinch Free Lvl 2, Latent Power Lvl 1, Critical Boost Lvl 2.
  • Talisman - Weakness Exploit Lvl 2 or Attack Boost Lvl 2.
  • Heavy Bowgun Options - Golm Cannon+ (priority) or Bordeaux Candlestick+
  • Other armor options - Rhenopolos Braces X, Pukei-Pukei set, Ingot Greaves X.

All of these armor options are the skeleton of what makes up your own Heavy Bowgun build in Sunbreak.

They will lead you to the majority of your build results, but they don't account for each and every skill that you will need. Additional skills still need to be beefed up, and for this, the decorations will be a clutch part of the equation.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Best Heavy Bowgun Build Skills

Silkbind Attack
New Silkbind Attacks can add some damage and evasion to the Bowgun. (Picture: Capcom)

Compared to other weapon builds in Sunbreak, the Bowguns both have some skills that you won't find anywhere else. Flinch Free and Spread-Up are just two examples of skills that can completely change the effectiveness of the Bowgun on a hunt.

Below you will find all of the skills that will drive this build forward, along with the level that you should attempt to reach for the maximum potential.

  • Guard - Lvl 5
  • Reload Speed - Lvl 3
  • Spread Up - Lvl 3
  • Spare Shot - Lvl 3
  • Critical Boost - Lvl 3
  • Weakness Exploit - Lvl 3
  • Recoil Down - Lvl 3
  • Ballistics - Lvl 3
  • Attack Boost - Lvl 3-5
  • Ammo Up - Lvl 1-3
  • Flinch Free - Lvl 3
  • Guard Up - Lvl 1

Each of the skills that are listed can be used as a baseline to experiment on your own Heavy Bowgun build. If you feel that you need to swap out a piece of armor, as long as you make up for it with decorations or a talisman, then the build will remain similar. In no time you'll have the best Bowgun selection possible.

And that's all. For more on the game and the franchise, check out our section dedicated to Monster Hunter guides, news, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Capcom.