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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Long Sword Combos

Take your hunting skills to new heights with our pics for the best Long Sword combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Best Long Sword Combos

You have many weapon options for your build when playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and for those choosing the Long Sword, you might want to know more about the best playstyle and combos to use. Long swords can deal heavy damage while allowing you to stay agile and as for the best combos, we have you covered.

We will look at three of the best Long Sword combos to use in the game that will give you an advantage over your enemies. While also taking full advantage of the power and speed the Long Swords offer in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. 

Best Long Sword Combos in MHR: Sunbreak

Due to attacks such as the Iai Spirit Slash being nerfed heavily in the recent addition to the game, some combos have become obsolete and are not viable choices for dealing heavy damage consistently.

This is why we've taken three of the best combos that can be great alternatives to your playstyle or just some fun tricks for you to try out on your next hunt.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Long Sword Combos Top 3 combos
There are three combos that are best suited for Long Sword wielders in the current meta. (Picture: Capcom)

Also, even though the combos are powerful, be sure that you have the correct Long Sword for the job. If you need some advice, check out our full guide on the top 5 best Long Swords in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that you can get right now. 

MHR Silk Bind Sakura Slash Combo

The first combo will have you use the Silk Bind Sakura Slash to level up your Spirit Gague quickly and deal some solid damage while doing so. This is an effective way to get your Spirit Gague filled quickly and it takes advantage of any elemental Long Swords you use to deal Elemental damage as well. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Long Sword Combos Silk Bind Sakura Slash
The Silk Bind Sakura Slash is a solid combo attack for building up your Spirit Gauge and dealing damage. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

The attack and subsequent combo require three Wirebugs to use, so be sure that you have gained all three before approaching the target monster you're hunting. The attack consumes one Wirebug and has a cool down of roughly 36 seconds, but you can reduce this cooldown time by 6 seconds if you have the Wirebug Whisperer Active skill at level 3. 

MHR Sakura Slash Helmbreaker Combo 

The second combo is the Sakura Slah Helmbreaker combo, which uses the Sakura Slash first, then perform a switch skill swap to follow up with a Helmbreaker. You can cancel the last animation of the Sakura slash with the switch skill swap to quickly go into the Helmbreaker, giving you a faster damage output. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Long Sword Combos Sakura Slash Helmbreaker
The Sakura Slash Helmbreaker is a powerful leaping and landing attack that deals damage and is quick to execute. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

This combo requires at least a yellow Spirit Gague level and two Wirebugs to execute this combo, and if you can pull it off, you can deal tons of damage very quickly. Even though the Helmbreaker was nerfed recently, because it doesn't consume sharpness, and when used in succession with the Sakura Slash, this combo is a must-use for short bursts of raw power. 

MHR Spirit Release Slash Combo 

Lastly, this final combo is a much riskier one as it requires a longer opening window to attack a Monster, but it makes up for that with its insanely high damage output. Similar to the previous combo, except now, instead of using a Helmbreaker, you will use a Sacred Sheath directly after the Sakura Slash. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Long Sword Combos Spirit Release Slash Combo
The Spirit Release Slash Combo is the most powerful combo but its trade-off is the time it takes to execute. (Picture: YouTube / Team Darkside)

This requires that you hold down the button to perform the Sacred Sheath action (R2 or RT) and when releasing immediately performs the Sacred Sheath Counter, or if you hold it down fully, you will enter the Charging Stance. Letting go of the button now will execute the Spirit Release Slash, which are three powerful consecutive slashes that deal heavy damage. 

This move deals more damage per slash, with the first slash being the weakest and the third being the most damaging. But in totality, this attack is the highest longsword DPS (Damage per second) attack in the game, although it will deplete all your Spirit Gague levels. 

We recommend using the Spirit Roundslash in combination with this attack to deal some damage after the Spirit Release Slash and build up your Spirit Gauge.

And lastly, while you can't move during the sheath animation of the Sacred Sheath, once you enter the Charging Stance, you can step forward in four directions to avoid an attack if you see it coming, but if you get hit, you will be broken out of the charge and will lose your progress. 

This combo is a high-risk-high-reward moe si be sure to use it skillfully and practice with it before taking on any tough Monsters, but it's a combo worth being in your arsenal for the Long Sword. Just remember to have fun with these combos by trying them out in any way you want, and happy hunting. 

We would like to thank YouTube Channel Team Darkside for their full video on the best Long Sword Combos in Monster Hunter Rising: Sunbreak. For more amazing content, please consider subscribing to their channel. 

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.